Bonnie is single

Well yes, LSM finally came out of the closet. Haha. 😛 Kidding.

He pulled the plug (albeit by accident). I thought the site was just having its minor glitches when it was down the whole day yesterday, but minor its not, major it is.

In all seriousness, I’m not that surprised. Early last year, over a Big Mac (I had this) and a Chicken Foldover (he had this) he told me he wanted to stop blogging. But I choked on a french fry and started to sob uncontrollably and made him promise not to. Until one day, he accidentally deleted everything.

I know you’re seeking greener pastures and I’m definitely happy for that. I’ll definitely miss you. 🙂

I hope this is a phase. and he’ll blog again.

7 thoughts on “Bonnie is single

  1. Came out of the closet? Girl, given how messy my closet is I doubt I could find my way out of it!

    And who is this Bonnie who’s still single? I’d like to get to know her now that I’ve got free time not spent on blogging 😉


  2. Well you’re a great writer (as is our hostess here, I should add). Hopefully this hiatus is more of a recharge than a retirement, but whatever – thanks for the great reading material the last few years.

    ps. You’re a computer guy… an instructor no less… BACKUPS!!


  3. @Kij:

    Yeah, I realize the irony of forgetting to back-up.

    Actually, I do back-up—my off-line files anyway. The reason why I rarely, if ever, backed up my online files is because I can’t stand how slow it is. TelBru’s bandwidth, especially as of late, has been frustrating. It aggravates me even more when I read articles, normally from American publications, extolling the wonders of online applications (Google Docs, online photo manipulation etc…). Sitepoint recently predicted that 2008 will be the year when office work is taken online. Well, maybe when I go to Japan…

    I’m a high-speed user in a low-speed world.


  4. Life ain’t it. And to think that sometimes we take ’em for granted. Deepest condolence to him, and us too. Once upon a time we enjoyed them, but now … tinggal kenangan saja. Best wishes to LSM on his future undertaking.


  5. Darling, a reason for you to travel to KB.. hehe Here it goes :

    Hi, we will be organizing the first KB Bloggers gathering on Jan 26 and it would be great if you could be part of the event. Kindly e-mail me at for invitation and details. Thank you.

    Sorry for such short notice.. but hope you can make it. An excuse for you to come and see me 😛


  6. Hi Mawrina. DELAL will be having a BBQ arah Pantai Berakas this Sunday, 27th January, 2008. Pls datang at 10-11am. We want our TESL seniors to come before you guys graduate. So it will be an honor for you all to come to the BBQ. See you~

    – TESL 2nd year group =)


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