There is something, everybody needs

Ok ok, I know I haven’t writen anything in ages. When the “Write” page was loading I had actually contemplated saying I was out of the country as an excuse. Then again, someone saw me at Saffron. Haha.

Here is the truth. I have been… waking up late, playing games on my PS2, and watching TV all day, everyday. The only time I face the laptop is when I’m Googling up Walkthroughs.

With that said, I FREAKING LOVE GAMING! I don’t know why it took me this long to get acquainted with the black, sleek, sexy machine. I purchased it a few weeks ago on a whim (pretty much= *dials Boyfriend’s number* “ME RASA KAN MEMBALI PS2 AWLANI JUA, MUN U IKUT BEBAJU LAKAS I’M ON MY WAY”).

One swipe of the debit card and a PS2 (inclusive of  one dualshock controller), a memory card, and 5 free games sat on my DVD player, which is now dead because I had to make room. Hehe.

Then I got a DDR mat.

A week or so later I got a Guitar controller.

In between those purchases I also bought (courtesy of EGM Tanjung Bunut) a rather alarming amount of Game CDs of various themes, genres and color scheme. *shiver* It’s rapidly catching up with my…. enormously extensive (pirated) DVD collection.

So basically now, I don’t know if my love for gaming stems from the actual gaming itself or the joyful fact that I am overindulging on my purchases! I guess I will find out soon because I’ve ran out of money hehehe.


In other news, it is confirmed, I am going to be attending the IM Charity Dinner, which is on the 2nd of February, 2008 (Saturday), organised by the future doctors over at UBD Institute of Medicine. All proceeds from the event, which is a concert featuring many local artistes, will go straight to SMARTER.

Will I be seeing any of you guys there? 🙂

16 thoughts on “There is something, everybody needs

  1. Bought it at DeeJay at The Mall. Erk…I m his sister…ahaks. nice blog u got there. Love reading it. I do have a blog too but too bad I have to totally put lots of password on it. Some people read it and they got too sensitive abt the issues I wrote on my blog. I wonder how do u keep urself up when ppl got sensitive with some of the issues that u wrote.


  2. Ooo…how do u not take it into heart? I mean u nda ambil ke jiwa wif their comment…I dunno wats wrong wif me…everytime me post up sumting kan wen me baca comment ke jiwa ani wah…ahaks…


  3. hehehe. well, after a while, you learn to pick your battles. nya org tua tua buang yang keruh ambil yang jernih. hehehe.

    some comments are hurtful because they’re true, its up to u to learn something from it or not. some are just downright personal and jahat!!!! that one you ignore to the grave!!!

    criticism is sometimes constructive and those are the GOLDEN ones you and your readers can learn a lot from but the rest atu are just there to taunt you.


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