Lucky strike only in KB


Whew, I just got back from the KB Bloggers’ Gathering in… *drumrolls* where else…? KUALA BELAIT! Haha. I just realised, during the 50km drive from my place, that KB is really far! I set aside 45 minutes for the drive but apparently it took close to an hour. Hehe. Anyway, kudos to those who commute daily whether for work or otherwise. You must make a lot of money for the local petrol stations.

Anyway, I finally get to meet the bubbly Princess herself (with her lovely “assistant”, banner extraordinaire, Nonnie, hehe), and the generous host for the night Sheikh Khalid from none other than Arabfamilies, and I’m pretty sure Senor Pablo had something to do behind the scenes as well.

Everybody put on your best “laser glare”

Great event, though I can’t hear myself think at times, thanks to the hengsem abang abangs who provided entertainment for us all night long with their gambus strums and drum dum di dums. Haha. I don’t think I’ve ever imagined that I’d ever ‘boogie’ to KOPI DANGDUT surrounded by a girly reporter, a married man of 5 kids, a 17 year old girl, someone’s red clad grandmother and a particular rantsy guy who upstaged my dance moves.


I think it shows that if you go with the flow, and lose all good sense….. anything can happen. Hahaha.

Delirious. I’m easy to please. Hehe.

Anyway, I promised I’ll blog about my prizes (note usage of the plural form). Oooh yes, I got prizes!

First was when I won second place in a game called LARRY. I can’t really explain what the game was all about but basically it is one of those games I never win. I was quite surprised I ended up top 3. Bottom 3 would have been more predictable. Nyeheh. Anyway, I won a nice white thermal pot.

The other one was from a lucky draw. Funny story this! The MCs were calling out numbers for the lucky draw and I was sitting with Muaz, Affy and Stella and we were discussing how we never get anything during lucky draws and was just absentmindedly clapping for those who won.

Suddenly the MC (Nashwa) was like, “OK THIS IS THE LAST PRIZE”! And I went, “MAURINA MAURINA!!!” And would you believe it, her eyes went round with shock, she looked at me (with her pupils dilated!) and pointed a finger to my seat, “YES AND THE WINNER IS MAURINA!!!!!!!”.

Hahahaha! Ok I got lucky.

Anyway, the lucky draw prize is….

…a sandwich maker!

Thus, I am officially equipped, “to open up a Bed and Breakfast”! Haha. My Mum is going to enjoy the sandwich maker, and I’m planning on keeping the thermal pot upstairs instead of in the kitchen downstairs (there are two there already). Or I might just give it away to Boyfriend for his Temburong flat. He’s probably reading this. We’ll see! 😛 Hehe.

Oh for those who did not win anything, Wetszone gave everyone a shamelessly pink party pack!

Inside: Some Wetszone ads, a bookmark, 2 notepads, 2 pens and 2 stickers

I thought the pens are a great idea, says the girl who haven’t purchased a writing instrument in approximately 3 years.

W for Whoopie


Oh this was also inside the party pack. A phone accessory I think.No one left empty handed. 🙂

I definitely had a great time at the party. We should have had more games, so I could win more prizes. Hahaha. Food was yum too! I have bad pictures of my pasta, which I really enjoy. I’ll see if I can spruce it up in Photoshop.

But until then, have a nice day everyone! It’s almost 5am and I am going to sleep so I can wake up in time to attend a picnic!

From others (in no particular order):

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18 thoughts on “Lucky strike only in KB

  1. haahaha. You are really a winner last night.. As the elderly might say.. ‘bererzeki anak ani’..hahaa.. I was happy to see u n boypren. Thank u for being a great sport!!. Oh that red clad lady is no other than my MUM!! hahaha.


  2. When you were picking up your lucky draw prize , me n muaz went like ,


    you just got soo0o very lucky. LIKE HEY HOW DID THAT HAPPEN.

    And urgh! the Hi Larry,What Larry, But Larry and Bye Larry game was really funny. Like i said, you should drive to kb more often to meet us.

    It was really great to finally meet u yesterday.

    p/s – i’m 18 🙂 . Would love to see u boogy again.


  3. Happy to see you too Senor! EH STEDI YOUR MUM AH BEJUGIT! Hahahaha! Gosh, I wouldn’t have guessed, pasal she’s so small!!! Hehehe!

    Stels, be 17 forever girl!!!! Great to see u tooo!!!!! (LIKE FINALLY WE MEET!) hahaha.


  4. maurina~ byby here.. siok eyh kamu ah huhu… too bad i couldn attend the girls night out last dec.. anyway.. you’re linked.. i think i saw u di ubd last year or was it at FS.. you know c-Boh? ubd’ian also


  5. Mind-Power rules!
    You were shouting “Maurina! Maurina!” sekali really come out your bola (the bingo ball I mean).

    Eh, why you “Smiley-fied” your sexy face?

    Sad… I didn’t get the Wetzone goodies bag. Should have listen to Lois and take one home first.


  6. May, Did my pupils really dilated at that point?.. yeah, such a fluke. Aku plang inda menang.. hehe

    Yaloh Nonnie, don’t worry I’ll try to spare you one okay.. No worries darling.

    Yeah Senor, I think I’m like that too… I can work and dance till like I’m 80.. Insya-Allah hehe


  7. “… and a particular rantsy guy who upstaged my dance moves.”

    I wonder who that was.. LOL. You do remember that I was a dance instructor right? 😛 haha.

    It was great fun everyone. = D

    and Mau, what’s with the censored face? haha


  8. Lucky indeed! 2 hadiah from one night! Hehe. Cemana buleh, by saying your name out loud, tarus banar-banar kana call ur name by Liza? Pakai pawang kah? Hehe. Ajar kami, buleh? 🙂 Nice to finally meet you in person! Btw, you’ve been linked!


  9. Pablo, surely no family with that much love deserve the term dysfunctional!

    Byby, yes he’s a friend of mine heheh. Say hi to him if you happen to bump into Boh! 😀 Haven’t seen him in ages. Oh and there’s always this december! 🙂

    Nonnie, haha sensored lah! *shy lah so many people watching* The uncensored one is on my facebook. Kekekeke.

    Princess Nashwa, LOL, jangannn jealoouss~~~ Apakan. Macam manang amas. But really your face look really shocked lah. As was mine too probably at that time. Hahaha!

    Muaz, I FORGOT!!!! hahahahahahahaahahha! I cant believe I forgot you’re a freaking dancer. You are such a queen!

    Gokil, LOL antah! barijap. bawa saja mandi bunga hahaha. bah nanti i link you jua insya allah, bila rajin LOL. *malas* and great to meet you both too!!!

    Qamaruz, maybe you’re my lucky charm! 😉


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