E-speed Burning


HallelujahAlhamdullilah! YOUTUBE IS BACK ONLINE!

…though for some, there is a lingering feeling on how long it will stay that way. Enjoy!


Why do I have a stinky feeling that Youtube is being banned from all of Brunei? I have been having trouble accessing Youtube since last night starting at about 2am. Usually Youtube videos load quite fast even with the stinky E-speed connection.

Leave a comment if you’re also having problems loading, together with the Kampong you’re staying in. I just want to make sure whether it only encompasses Brunei Muara district or just my Kampong or what

If it is banned, anyone have any idea WHY? Because with the recent hoohaa of permits for gatherings, cafes closing by midnight, and now Youtube possibly being banned, I’m starting to feel like I am living in Baghdad.

Maybe I should rename my blog, BRUNEI BURNING!

But before I overreact (err, too late for this), leave a comment if you’re having trouble loading Youtube.


Sas confirms problems loading from Beribi

I’ve also confirmed Youtube inaccessible from Tutong, Rimba, Lambak Kiri, BAG and KB (refer to comments). Simpur-using surfers (also known as people who work at DST :P), however, have no problems at all which means that it’s probably not a nation-wide ban but more of a “technical glitch”.

So I did everyone a “favour” and phoned in a complaint at Telbru regarding the matter. The lady over at the Customer Care Centre forwarded me to E-speed, where after mentioning the word YouTube, she “aahhhed” in understanding. Apparently they have been getting a lot of complaints regarding the matter since morning. Last thing she was informed of was that their technical team was trying to find out whether the problem is coming from Youtube or their connection.

I asked her an estimate when the problem would be resolved and she said “they will finish checking the website by the end of today”.

I will call again tomorrow if the problem persists. But isn’t it nice knowing Youtube’s not banned after all!

  • How to get around the ‘glitch’ in the mean time?

If you really really need to access YouTube, and you have an Espeed account, fear not. There are ways. One sweatless way is by using a web proxy. Many proxy servers offer the service for free (with the price of some popup ads).

Here is a list of recommended proxies:

More here. Do leave a comment if you have an excellent proxy to access Youtube. 🙂

Happy Youtubing!

P/S: Affy has informed me that Youtube users accessing the site for the mobile phone will experience no problems so Youtube away!

23 thoughts on “E-speed Burning

  1. Last night, my boyfriend couldnt access Youtube and he lives in Tutong. I could access Youtube with no problem at all as I am in the UK; but i really do think that Youtube is banned in Brunei. I have heard rumours of why it is banned but again, rumours are just rumours.


  2. Yeah.. me also wat.. i can’t load youtube’s page at all..i guess it’s true abt the page has been banned Btw im from lambak kiri.. n i overheard MSN messenger and any other chatting programs will be banned via it’s port, so that means we can download and install but can’t get it online, can any one confirm this?


  3. I did some snooping and it would seem it is a TelBru server that, for whatever reason, is saying youtube.com is unreachable. If you really need to get your daily fix of the stupid & the dumbass, try an online proxy such as http://www.abrowse.com/index.php

    I wouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet. A few years back my currently defunct site (Our Local Style) couldn’t be accessed either unless I used a proxy. Right now, I’m chalking this up to hiccups on TelBru’s side especially since for the past week we’ve had bandwidth issues with the China undersea cable going on the fritz.


  4. ‘I’m starting to feel like I am living in Baghdad’

    I bet even Baghdad have access to Youtube lol. If it’s true that Youtube has been banned in Brunei then that is just so sad. You can ‘filter’ the videos but banning doesn’t improve anything. Let’s hope this is just temporary.

    PS. At least we still have DailyMotion.com. Works fine.


  5. I’ve tried accessing it from work, and it works. (If people from work reads this, I AM NOT SURFING. Just curious.)

    Okay. Back to work.

    Also, if you get the chance to read my post, you can access it in Brunei in a different, add-one-more-step way.


  6. interesting question.

    i’ve always regarded the word no more than just a figure of speech denoting gratefulness on a joyous occasion. never actually associated it with any religious connotations.

    but now you have obviously planted reasonable doubt in my head and compelled me to change that word to something inherently better. haha.

    all that without ever answering your question. interesting indeed


  7. there is not so call banned

    try hide your isp or http from beeing detected

    if really country do bann you can enter into it by installing program that hide your protocol


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