Breaking News: Major Flood in Temburong

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On the phone with live feeds.

Need to be quick. Rain from 7pm to 7am has roughly caused:

  • Worst flood in 30 years
  • Some villages are reporting 70% damages, especially the low laying areas.
  • Some areas with water as high as 2 metres.
  • Roads to Belais, Menengah, Bukok, Batu Apoi completely submerged.
  • Many villagers are displaced and homeless
  • Evacuation has become necessary
  • Population from affected areas transported out using boats all day.
  • FERRY services on hiatus.
  • Shops in Bangar closed (floating slippers and all that)
  • Helicopters hovering all day
  • Blatantly obvious military presence
  • First traffic jam in Bangar for a really long time.

Lets just say, Temburong is generating quite the buzz.

Worst thing: Its now about to rain.. again. God protect.

Will update again later with pictures and maybe a video. Insya Allah.


Contributed by raacme.

Picture taken while waiting for the ferry at Ujong Jalan. Ferry services are on hiatus caused by the overflowing river (pictured above). This is the only connection from Brunei Muara to Temburong.

If anyone else has in their possession more pictures of the flood, by all means do send it to me through email ( or leave a link in the comments section.

As you know, the residents from some badly affected areas are temporarily displaced and thus allocated by the District Office Disaster Management Committee, in government chalets, the official resthouse and some multi purpose halls (last i called up, Dewan Rataie was being used).

They have been very swift in handling the particular problem area of accomodation and is currently working around the clock to house everyone, including stranded tourists, and those hoping to go off to KK. JAPEM reports no food shortages at the moment and I hope the time will never come.

One major problem they are facing now however, are problems concerning residents who are displaced but refuse to evacuate disaster areas which are deemed dangerous and unsanitary.

The good news is that it stopped raining in Bangar after an hour earlier tonight, so hoping the flood will somehow subside a bit (or a lot) by tomorrow. Lets pray for a sunny day! Amin!


More pictures sent in through MMS. In Bangar, this morning.

Business as usual for some shops, albeit ankle deep in water. When the going gets rough, only the tough gets going.
  • Ujong Jalan is experiencing worsening conditions. Many 4WD cars are stranded from KK to Limbang due to unoperating ferries.
  • Almost 70 families are currently displaced and evacuated
  • Roads to Bukok (worst), Belais, Menengah still submerged.
  • Light rain in remote areas causing worry.
A football field in front of Sekolah Rendah Sultan Hassan now more fit for water polo than soccer. Hehe.
Residential area knee deep in murky brown water. The flood has put to a halt all familial functions such as weddings.
Do I look like I can’t swim? Lady, just one out of hundreds, trying to save anything she could.
Not sure what is happening here. Will edit as soon as I know.
“And what worried us more was the pile of logs and debris at the Bangar Bridge. With more rains being predicted, we are worried that more logs and debris will come and affect the safety of the bridge’s columns.” From Brunei Resources
So the men in the picture are probably managing those debris, so that the safety of the bridge won’t be compromised. For your information, this is the sole link from Bangar to the Ulu and without the bridge those living in areas aside from Bangar will be disconnected from anywhere else.
Hope your motor insurance cover natural disasters. This can’t be good for the engine.
Jetty. Water at critical (red) level.
Giant beaver dam. Hehe. No I’m kidding. Thrash Debris from the bottom of the river?
Waterfront. Water has gone over the barriers from the river onto the otherwise dry land. With more rain, the barrier will also be completely submerged. The district office can be seen in the background.
Ferry at Ujong Jalan still non-operational as of Sunday, 10th February, 2008.
  • More padding of information from the Borneo Bulletin, but not much that you don’t already know since last night via Turquoise and Roses :). Information regarding the Temburong February Flash Flood is also available on Brudirect.
  • Also covered by The Brunei Times, but with a more assuring tone.
  • More information by Rozan Yunos from The (now) Daily Brunei Resources especially some theories as to why the flood this time is particularly devastating compared to those in the previous years here.
  • Some more pictures of Bangar (with short descriptions) by Zul.
UPDATES SOME MORE (Just pictures really)

Fire Services, the wettest of them all.

Military personnel (Gurkhas) keeping peace and lending a hand

Medical team currently on standby
“Relief work in full swing”
They are our real heroes. They have been working hard since yesterday morning to keep the situation under control. Also not forgetting the Temburong District Office for providing accommodation and especially JAPEM for the humble sustenance.
  • Ferry services at Ujong Jalan are now operational, and have been so since 6pm today (10/02/08) and the stranded people up there are now being transported out as we speak
  • Water levels has gone down and the flood has subsided completely in most areas especially Bangar.

Time to dry out the carpets!

11 thoughts on “Breaking News: Major Flood in Temburong

  1. Poor thing… That’s awful. . I hope the district disaster management committee are able to tackle the problem, especially in terms of accommodating the residents. In Belait, they allocated over forty multi-purpose halls as relief centres and the army are deployed to transport the villagers to dry land during the major flooding in Labi. Let’s hope their contingency plan are in place for the sake of the people..


  2. Hello Mau. Aku tadi pagi (9.2.07) pukul 650am sampai di ferry ah kan menyebarang ke temburong, sekalinya melimpar sungai atu bukan main. Air sungai punya deras, ada sekali atu, pohon kayu hanyut, lajunya hanyut!!!! yarabiiii mcm flying coffins nya orang putehnya. N then, the yellow ferry, kalu nda silap by 730am kali, cuba kan operasi, sesiapun! beputar bah ferry ah, mcm ferry drifting tah pulang, by 9am paksa jua ku pulang k Brunei, inda dapat batugasssss, ingin pun hati kan bekeraja, mun tuhan nda mengizinkan. At least im safe home.

    BTW here’s a pic, not much, just ambil gambar sambil menunggu ferry.


  3. raacme, i’m putting the pic on the blog if you don’t mind? thanks for the update eh! appreciate it a lot. i’ve been having problems receiving pictures and videos unfortunately. so any pictures from anywhere is considered a gem!

    Princess Nashwa, the residents are temporaily displaced and thus have to stay in government chalets, resthouses and multi purpose halls (last i called up, dewan rataie was being used).

    the disaster management committee set up has been very swift in handling the particular problem area of accomodation and is currently working around the clock. JKM reports no food shortages at the moment and i hope the time will never come.

    one major problem they are facing now however, are problems concerning residents who are displaced but refuse to evacuate disaster areas which are deemed dangerous and unsanitary.

    serialheartbreaker, the good news is that it stopped raining after an hour earlier tonight, so hoping the flood will somehow subside a bit by trow. lets pray for a sunny day!

    ctqrett, tunggu after the flood yeah for your own safety. even his majesty tadi kan turun but inda dapat because it was not safe enough. hang in there. temburong will wait for u surely. 🙂


  4. ok tu, gambar jua ganya, sharing is caring (infos that is). Ari ani ponnn sama jua nda dapat melintas guna ferry ah, baru jua ku balik lagi ni dari sana. and yess its still raining tadi. ( sorry nada ngambil pic ari ani, sibuk main psp sambil menunggu, hehehe)


  5. Thnx 4 d info Mau… Mudahan urg2 dsana sentiasa didlm perlindugan Allah swt. Amin… My baby sister had jez moved to teach there to be with her hubby who’s a Temburongian (lurus kah tu? hehe) n she’s preggy with her first baby. We r so worried… Hope everthngs ok.


  6. elmo, as far as I know, all parts of temburong is affected, ganya, only the kampongs mentioned above lah yang terjejas dengan teruk. im sure ur friend is ok now though memandangkan air sudah surut. tinggal cleaning up saja lagi.

    cdah, aminnnn. i’m sure she’s fine though as there are no reports of casualties and such. 🙂 now air surut im even more sure she’s alright. just hang in there yeah.


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