Good morning, quick update.

Apparently, it is common knowledge among teachers that all Bruneian schools have some sort of a rat problem. No, no, this is not a graphic metaphor conjured in the Discipline Room, but real actual, rodent infestations.

Follow this train of thought.

Overworked teachers (almost always a universal norm) + Average of 200 hormonal chaos on legs–> Need constant sugar/caffeine high

Therefore nourishment is always around. Food stashes. Caffeine packets in powdered or baked form. —-> Attracts rodents in question.

But as teachers become more vigilant in hiding their “bursts of energy”, so did the rats in acquiring vitamins. It is now common to see rats licking away at glue, and finding teeth marks on past years’ examination papers.

There are, I kid you not, sightings of rats of mutated size. As large as saucepans.

I will not be surprised, with the amount of teaching aids they have digested, if they actually know how to read. And do simple arithmetic.

3 thoughts on “Skittles

  1. Baiktah cuci bersih-bersih brg-brg before mkn or pakai. Rats carry mcm2 penyakit. Nda the principal report kah? Public health problem jua ni…


  2. Nah from:

    Refering to leptospirosis mentioned below, a friend of mind died of it, after drinking a can of softdrink, suspected to have traces of rat droppings on it. \


    Do rats carry germs or disease?

    Rats are of particular public health importance because of their close association with humans, of the many diseases caused by rodents and rats in particular, the most infamous is the plague. This is caused by a bacteria transmitted to man from rats by the rat flea. The most common rodent-borne disease to man today is Weils disease or Leptospirosis. In random tests up to 50% of the population have been identified as carriers of this potentially fatal disease. It is spread by bacterium passed in the rat’s urine, which is most commonly transmitted to humans by contact with contaminated water, or moist undergrowth and soil. The excreted organism enters the human body through cuts and abrasions.

    Other diseases of practical significance in this country are Salmonellosis caused through contaminated food and drink by rodent excreta or urine. Salmonellosis is a type of food poisoning and symptoms can include acute gastro-enteritis accompanied by headache, fever and vomiting. Parasites carried and transmitted by rodents include ringworm, mites, nematodes, tapeworm, ticks and fleas.


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