See you in the next generation

Accepting the money from a Miss Jennifer, head of corporate affairs in Standard Chartered Bank. Photo by Khairy.


As of this moment, from efforts of two young teachers who shall remain unnamed (hehe me me! and him!), a certain secondary school in Kampong Jerudong is officially BND$500 richer.

The money will most definitely go towards the implementation of a cleaner, greener, more environmentally friendly school, more environmentally aware teachers and most importantly, students. Thank you to the many many teachers, students and parents who signed the pledge forms! All 516 of you! The planet is grateful and so am I for your support.

Special mention to the under 18 students who brought the forms home to explain to their mommies and daddies on the importance of turning off the pipes while brushing their teeth.

Like I said, you heard it here first. 🙂


7 thoughts on “See you in the next generation

  1. mau!!! sometimes aku gerigitan meliat muanya i just remember that post you made on ‘take me to the kittens!’ on flickr. AND YOU FEEL LIKE SQUEEZING THEM TIL THEIR HEADS POP OFF OR THEIR EYES POP OUT AND YOU WANT TO CHEW THEIR LITTLE FRIGGIN LIMBS OFF???!!

    ya feeeel me?

    i love those little things.


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