Ooooh blush

It is confirmed.

Don’t tell anyone but I have a crush on some guy on a freaking DST billboard. You know who I’m talking about? He’s the model for the $85 “Executive Plan”.

For readers from overseas, can’t find his pictures anywhere online. I can find the ad for the Prima Executive plan, but the model is not the same one. I’m also too lazy to post a picture of the billboard online, so you’re just going to have to take my word that he’s cute.

So anyway, how do I know I have a crush on him? Well, on my way home a few hours ago, I was looking at the DST billboard (particularly the Executive Plan *ahem*) at the traffic light at Kiulap. Apparently I didn’t realise the lights turning green and got honked!

Well, sorry but DST put some hot guy on a billboard, smitten girl like me get distracted lah!

So yes, sexy. Me thinks its the suit.

In other news, a colleague of mine exclaimed loudly today for the whole staffroom to hear, that she wants to fry me in hot oil and cook me in soy sauce.

Exact words. “Eeeeehhhhhhhh, bari gergitan! *squeezes my jiggly thighs* KU GURING KAU!!!! KU MASAK KICAP!!!”

Note for the future: Don’t wear beige.

9 thoughts on “Ooooh blush

  1. haha d billboard also at Bengkurg-Jln Tutong junction.. slalu mliat jua but nda realize ada org hansomly catchy dlm ads atu heheh.. anywayy bila? n sapa yg mengubit atu haha.. when did u wear beige? i once kna tagur for VPL keke 2yrs ago? n covered my top by ustajah-like tudong when wearing white beige kurong kekek.. bh esuk2 jga kna masak kunyit lgi hehehe


  2. eh i didn’t find him handsome..i’m sure i was looking at the said ad. heheh maybe a close up picture will do more justice 😉


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