Finally Sixteen

Don’t forget tommorow is my birthday!

I want presents in the form of either jewellery, cash (or cheques – I’m not picky) or long spa treatments. Also, if all my friends could pool money to get me A CAR THAT NEVER RUNS OUT OF FUEL that would be great.

Also, whatever you do: DO NOT get me a birthday cake. A pie is ok, or a pizza, or a tiramisu,  or even a strudel. But please: no cakes!

What do you mean I’m demanding?

Bah sudahtah karang kana sumpah/tampar/boycott. Hehehe. I love my readers!!!

21 thoughts on “Finally Sixteen

  1. Thanks Faqhri, you are officially the FIRST person to wish me a happy birthday in 2008. Bulih bekenalan. Apakan. Haha.

    Affy, I know I know, I look old for my age. 😛 HAHAHH.

    Tin Tin, hope you get the hint about tiramisu. HINT HINT

    Thanks msyazwan! Nada present?


  2. Happy Sweet Sixteen!! Banar kah ni?? ahhahaa. Bah! Enjoy your day and I pray for all your above wishes will come true!!!


  3. Hahahahaha. Aku tah sudah tu kana hint ah? LOL!! I don’t remember the things I make in the kitchen now! When you said something, I was surprised I make tiramisu!

    Banar-banar ku lupa! Hahaha, bida jua tu.

    Nantitah, inshaAllah, maybe something belated. 😉


  4. Happy Birthday Mau!! smoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki 😉

    p/s : my bday this 17th march. jangan lupa, kalau ada rezeki labih afta ur bday, balikan me hadiah! huahuahuahua….


  5. I knew there was something I’ve missed. 13/3 atu macam lawa sangat to not have anything big happening.

    Happy Birthday Dang!!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday. I’m sure you did. 😆

    May Allah showers you with His blessings always and that His love and guidance will always be with you. Amin!!!



  6. Happy Birthday Mauu!!

    Have an awesome-est one and I don’t get the whole ‘don’t give me cake’ thing because cake is the one thing I look forward to having on my birthday. Hehe. Sooo, have lots and lots of cake!



  7. HAPPY BIRD DAY TO YOU. HAPPY BIRD DAY TO YOU. WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! my rinchie sends love in the form of little bats of his paws to your face. [he does this regularly to me in the mornings. i think it means he loves me. so i told him to do it to you too for your bird day.]


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