Second KB Bloggers Night

Also known as… THE PARTY WHERE I stole someone else’s identity for personal gain. In other words, untuk kesukaan hati ku.

Photo uploaded by EdShal

Rano loves satin and lace. 😛 Rano you should’ve joined! See, now everyone thinks Rano has BOOBIES. *evil laugh*

Ady and Khaliq Jr. (Photo uploaded by EdShal)

But I need to thank this girl for picking me up from home, or I wouldn’t have joined the gathering! It all started with a text, and next thing I know, I was in LUMUT, carsick.

But all in all, I had tremendous fun, with heavy doses of apple shisha, karaoke, satay and god knows how many bottles of SEHAT. I’ve been stealing loads and loads of pictures from other people’s blogs for the past hour.

Here I guess are some of my favorite ones!

Karaoke buddies: Rano (:P), Zayn Sabri and Muaz Rashid. Photo taken by Ucingitam.

Belting our hearts out! I believe we were singing Aerosmith. Anyway, let me just tell you that the Arabfamilies have the most comprehensive karaoke list I have ever laid eyes on – all songs listed alphabetically no less. So the three of us, naturally spent a significant amount of time PICKING songs than singing! Haha! Indecisive!

Superkambang! From left: Ucingitam, Rano, Arabfamilies, Kurapak, Rara Khalid, Miss Sexy Obi Belt, Muaz Rashid. (Photo unlawfully kidnapped from Kurapak)

I don’t know what was wrong with my eyes. Heheh. Must be my superpowers seeping out.

From left: Rara, Ady, Cici Khalid, and Rano (Photo by by EdShal)

After the shindig was over, the family invited us over inside for some major photo-taking sessions. The house was beaaaautiful and smelled really nice! Rara took us for a little tour and look what we found!

Photo by Cici Khalid. (IN HER ROOM) 

A DRUM SET! Haha. Had a quick tutorial. I’ve completely forgotten every single thing I’ve learned that night.

Photo by Cici Khalid.

And lastly, I don’t know what’s going on here. One dude reaching out to touch something, the other taking a picture, one sitting doen, one girl standing up, one a lil bangang, WHAT WAS GOING ON?


No blog report from me, just pictures! For a more comprehensive report, visit here or here.

Thank you to Arabfamilies for the kind invite (yet again!) and to Bapanya, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D:D:D

8 thoughts on “Second KB Bloggers Night

  1. ADuiiii… u know what Mau? me atu , masa malam atu kan beduet sama u lagu “Nurul Ajai”.. kelupahan tia pulang nah… bah karaoke tani lagi eh!! hehehe.. if okay, we go karaoke! apakanzz..


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