National Day Celebrations from down under

Flagged! (Mill Point, South Perth, WA)

A Miss Nurul recently emailed me and requested that I put these pictures on my blog so people would remember that they are ALIVE AND WELL! (and KICKING! – pun intended). Hehe. I said, SURE, as long as they wear sexy sexy. 😛 Need male readers, see.

Anyway, they had a little futsal tournament in conjunction with Brunei’s 24th National Day. Their team, Kulimambang (must be pronounced with obligatory malandih accent) FC won only in third place, as they are unfortunately beaten by the Whites in second place and team Bentley in first place.

Group photos of them girlies 

The boys also participated with team Yakuza-Malaysia in third, Borneo-Malaysia in second and team Parma-Indonesia winning first place.

Ada yang blonde lagi 

The best player was Giri from Indonesia, and according to Miss Nurul also, the man of the match was Md. Khairuddin from Brunei.

GundahPg Ayub Pg Hj Othman (Guest of Honour)

Alrighty! See you next post! Exciting things coming!!!

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