Great Talents of Our Time

Also available on GoogleVideo.

Yes that is his real voice and yes he’s a student in my school. Reminds you of a young Aris Ariwatan, no? I was rather amazed he could sing this well. Hey Maria, come do a duet with him! 😀

In other news, my weekend will be spent with these guys right here.

In a nutshell: Persatuan Gemilang and NBT Toyota is organising a Sabah-Borneo 4WD Expedition across Sabah in 3 nights, AND I’LL BE IN CAR NUMBER ONE. *muahahaha* I am extremely excited, yet sort of dreading it at the same time!

STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES! Will be updating daily!

7 thoughts on “Great Talents of Our Time

  1. huhu bnr jua suaranya atu ah. mcm familiar mcm nda mukanya atu..tpi kilala rambutnya hehe.. steady! n d boy wit guitar atu talendted jua.. he plays Gulintangan as well. wish i hav d skill at least ONE music instrument… I WISHHHH!!! kes sasak nda pmandai.


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