Great Talents of Our Time

Also available on GoogleVideo.

Yes that is his real voice and yes he’s a student in my school. Reminds you of a young Aris Ariwatan, no? I was rather amazed he could sing this well. Hey Maria, come do a duet with him! 😀

In other news, my weekend will be spent with these guys right here.

In a nutshell: Persatuan Gemilang and NBT Toyota is organising a Sabah-Borneo 4WD Expedition across Sabah in 3 nights, AND I’LL BE IN CAR NUMBER ONE. *muahahaha* I am extremely excited, yet sort of dreading it at the same time!

STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES! Will be updating daily!


  1. huhu bnr jua suaranya atu ah. mcm familiar mcm nda mukanya atu..tpi kilala rambutnya hehe.. steady! n d boy wit guitar atu talendted jua.. he plays Gulintangan as well. wish i hav d skill at least ONE music instrument… I WISHHHH!!! kes sasak nda pmandai.



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