Today is such a random day. It’s just so funny and random that I just can’t stop myself from posting.

I’ve just gone back home from buying 4 bottles of 5000ml Dynamo from Jaya Hypermart! Hahahahaha.

Hahahahaha. Apparently, one customer can only buy two bottles (see picture below), so A made me tag along. 2 people, 4 bottles!

Normal price was BND$10.10. Save money!

Hahaha! So heavy! We had one bottle on each hand and then only halfway did we actually thought of trolleys! Silly girls. *shakes head*

Tadaaaah! In the boot! And that concludes our exercise session for today.

2 thoughts on “Kiasu!

  1. been following ur blogs 4d past few days re: sabah gemilang xpdc. me n hubby didn’t participate, couldn’t manage to for i got no leave from my boss. but that’s alrite, my picnic packs took over my place…hihi, and i guess there’ll be another trip in d near future i hope. anyhoots, great to read that u guyz had lotsa fun thru out d trip…btw, i link in u my website, hope that’s alrite


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