YL went to the Simpang Mengayau: Tip of Borneo

Such breathtaking phenomena. This, was definitely one of the finer points of the trip. To think that we almost did not make the trip to the very tip of Borneo! One of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.

Uploaded by RW_Mayo.

Imagine the sights washed warm coral during sunrise. The lush greenery bathed in the dewy light of morning, with the wind blowing in your face. The dim yellow light was just so romantic.

Uploaded by RW_Mayo.

Trying to capture the sunrise. We were so thankful that we were blessed enough to see the sunrise. Apparently, days before that, the beach was hit with constant rain in the morning making an outing such as the one we did rather impossible. Truly, a blessing.

Second trip at 9am, where everyone came along, not just the photographers. Sun felt high up, and it was scorching hot!

Bringing the banner down to get ready for the obligatory group photo.

Arranging ourselves. Arranging 35 people in one photo, especially with such cramped spaces was nothing short of extraordinary.

Look at that. The very end of Borneo, constantly washed by the blue, clear, salty water. I really had to fight the urge to just jump in and swim back to Brunei! I can already imagine, the cool salty water.

The journey to Simpang Mengayau, was rather uneventful, the roads though was primarily made of small pebbles and it can become rather dusty outside, but still relatively smooth with a few potholes here and there. There were also signs showing where to go at every junction making the trip rather idiot-proof. Watch out for dogs and chickens crossing the road though!

There’s a rather long stretch of beach before you arrive to the actual tip, and there are a few huts there where you can purchase shells, handicrafts and various forms of souvenirs. No problems with that obviously, but I was quite saddened to also see that they also sell turtle eggs. Of course they store the eggs in hidden places, but when touristy looking cars pass by, out come one or two eggs. I find that really… sad. For people living near the sea all their lives, I would expect, them, of all people, to understand the threatened existence of those wonderful creatures. But I guess in this case, money wins. 😦 That’s very sad.

I hope there will still be surviving turtles by the time I have children, and by the time my children have children. Stop buying turtle eggs. When the buying stops, the selling will too. Banyak bah lagi makanan lain.

Ah well, sad to be a turtle.

4 thoughts on “YL went to the Simpang Mengayau: Tip of Borneo

  1. Nice.. Love the photos. Great view. Thank you for sharing your trip as it gives inspiration to others to travel to places that you have been! cheers!


  2. Nice. Like-it-alot. Nice pictures. Glad you enjoyed Spg Mengayau trip. Happy to have you with us… Btw, didnt see your legs and your trendy shoes, sandals & slippers.


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