Trapped! (The rat was screaming cheep cheep next to my table. I don’t speak Rat, but I think it was saying something along the lines of “LET ME GOOOOOOOOO HAVE MERCY!!!!!!!”)

I am now convinced that Unit Kawalan Vektor, Kementerian Kesihatan is reading Turquoise and Roses. 😛 Apparently a lot of places called those people up but they never turn up, but we’ve only called them a few days ago and now here they are setting up some mighty strong rat traps in strategic places around the school! Great job they’ve been doing so far!

I don’t particularly care what they do to the rats. DIsgusting disease carriers! I’ve resorted to stuffing my desk with floral-scented carcinogenic mothballs to prevent the rats from PEEING in my desk. I hate them so much that I am actually resorting to possible cancer. YUCKKKKKK!

Anyway, thank you Vector Control Unit, Ministry of Health! Great job!

6 thoughts on “Tatarouille

  1. Apparently there used to be rats in the SAS staffroom a while back. There’s this little shelf where the WI-FI router sits, and apparently this one time a rat sat idly on it, simply watching everyone, whiskers and nose twitching.

    And then there was the time a rat called up one of the teacher’s legs without him noticing. It managed to get all the way up to his knee before he noticed and freaked out.


  2. eeewwwwww!!! awu all d ratatouilles feel homey udah since last year.. n u kno d airconditioner dlm bilik SM next to DP’d room atu rusak due to wiring failure psal kna gigit mr. R… and worse when it was checked they found THREE mr. Rs inside… dead n rotten of course.. msa cuti last month la dey fixed n cleanse them.. ani baru baik… YUCKKK brabisss kann.. like are we breathing on a dirty udara from the airconditioner!!! i hate it….


  3. GROSS!!!!!
    Crap…. you have rat or maybe rats in your staffroom? Just you wait, mama rat is coming out in search for her baby now. Stock up those moth balls.


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