Twentieth April, Year of the Elephant


Elephants in a row

Elephant photo taken from BBC News In Pictures.

I was just singing to myself that old nasyid (song) about Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday yesterday, and it suddenly dawned on me that the Prophet’s a Taurus. Did anyone remember that according to the Gregorian calendar, it was his birthday 2 days ago? 


Anyway, his zodiac is irrelevant, just as ours are. But let us all recite Surah Al Fil (fil meaning “elephant”), in order to commemorate the year he was born. A year where Abrahah Military Troops attacked Mecca with the intention of destroying the Kaabah with help from their war elephants.

Abrahah, reportedly built a great massive cathedral (or something) in Sanaa, Yemen, hoping to thwart the worshippers near Kaabah to worship there instead. Maybe it was VISIT YEMEN YEAR and he wanted to have revenues from tourism, I don’t know, but the result was, the cathedral (or something) remained empty and unoccupied, to the extent that he had to order his army of elephant riders attack Mecca to destroy the Holy Kaabah.

When they arrived in Mecca, the cute ephalants absolutely refused to do anything to the Kaabah. Everytime they are commanded to do something, they sat down instead. They held steadfast, and forced the elephants, over and over until Allah SWT sent down some mighty birds from heaven called the Ababil, bringing stones from Hell, that scorched and burnt Abrahah’s army, while keeping those in Mecca safe and sound.

That was what my Ugama teacher used to tell us. Wallahualam. Moral of the story? Stay away from jealousy and greed, as they are rather destructive qualities to possess. (Oh and also, good always will prevail over evilllllll!!! Remember that always!)

Have a read. Bismillahirahmanirahim.

2 thoughts on “Twentieth April, Year of the Elephant

  1. Like that alot. Alhamdulillah. Thank you for reminding on Prophet Muhammad’s story. Just wanna add some other perspective. We thought that air power capabilites was discovered in modern times, but infact, air warfare strategies already started long time ago. Kewl ah!


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