Far from just “ordinary”

Will surely miss it now that it’s over. 🙂

View from backstage: Would you be able to perform with this many people in the audience?

So unbelievably proud of my Bintangs. All that sweat, tears, and hours of practice finally paid off. Everyone looked amazing and I am still astonished with their level of confidence, talent, courage and creativity. CONGRATULATIONS TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU! I hope with this, they would maybe look back one day and say, “damn, I had immense fun back then, I love school”.

NB: So hard to find kids who enjoy school nowadays.

Do read up on posts on the school’s blog (!) and also the certain DJ’s blog (thanks again for coming, love).

Thank you, thank you, thank you a thousand times over to Jollibee Brunei, Syarikat Eirdhaniee, Blue Eden Restaurant, Sehat Water (especially Mr Anton), and Pelangi FM for supporting the event in tremendous ways!

I would also like to express extreme gratitude to the teachers that had volunteered a helping hand, no matter how small, even though we know you are busy and overworked, and everybody knows that teachers hate staying back in school during the afternoons. It showed how beautiful your hearts are, and despite popular belief, voluntarism is not dead in the teaching industry, and I hope it never will.

But I am most grateful to my partner in crime, Cikgu (always and forever, no matter what your future career choice would be) HA, for always pushing me to be better. I hope you would include me in more projects up your sleeves.

Now it’s time to go back to real life.

8 thoughts on “Far from just “ordinary”

  1. I’m having a mild withdrawal symptom from this! Already missing this – Will definitely fill you in if any inspirations comes up. I actually love being at the school.

    Thanks so much to the teachers who have helped us make this a successful event – can’t thank you so much on all your help especially Cikgu Wong, Cikgu She, Cikgu Jalilah and that other art teacher whose name I can’t seem to remember. And lastly to the principal who gives us the chance to organise the event and believing in us both. 🙂


  2. Welldone Maurina and to your Bintangs! Surely this will be a memorable part of their life. They will remember their friends, and they will remember you.


  3. It was a great concert, just wished that the hall was decorate n the dressing room cleaned for us hehe.. Btw how come the food sikit ah?


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