Brunei’s Blog of the Year

I’m sure everyone has probably heard! Big congratulations to Kurapak & Crew for winning the title of Brunei’s Blog of the Year.

Second place goes to the ever ubiquitous Rano!

Third goes out to Miss Nonnie King of Spiritual Garden!

They are all blogs I love and I really couldn’t have cared less who won. I didn’t vote also because I COULDN’T MAKE UP MY MIND!

Of course just because AnakBrunei didn’t win, doesn’t mean he’s not cooooooooooool to the MAXIMUM. Charity work will be rewarded in many many many ways, insya Allah.

And Arab-Families will always stay close to my heart (you know, with them feeding me yummy and healthy buffet spreads in UBD all these years), and also because I’ve never met a great family so warm and welcoming, eventhough I’m merely a stranger. 🙂

As for Brunei Fishing, well, it’s got a lot of fishes (sama bunyi laut). Yeap. Unfortunately uncooked. 😛 You guys should include recommended recipes to entice gluttons like me. Hehe. Guaranteed 50% more hits. Great to finally meet the brains behind those fishy posts (Ha Ha Ha I’m so witty). First ever public appearance I believe? 🙂



Now on to more serious matters. (As if the Bloggies aren’t!)

Do you know what this is?

Well it’s been creating a major buzz in the country over the last few days, and it’s a portable broadband modem, operating on the new 3.5G technology launched by DST Telecommunications, affectionately tagged Go! Broadband. Now you really can surf with high speeds, pretty much everywhere! Impressive, especially considering the kind of deals DST is offering (as low as BND$38 per month?).

You just wait when the catchy ads start rolling in. GO BROADBAND GO BROADBAND GO FOR IT!!!!!!! It’ll be the next annoying jingle next to the “CHEESY CHEESY CHESY BITES!!!!!!!!!” song because they get STUCK in your head forever.

Anyway, I do welcome these wonderful upgrades to enrich my internet experience, very very much. However, I was just thinking of these new technologies. First of all, there are only about (barely) half a million of us, including the senior citizens and infants who barely use the internet, let alone HIGH SPEED ones. Second of all, there are now officially THREE internet service providers in the country. B-Mobile (Zoom), TelBru (E-Speed) and now DST (Go!).

Is it just me or can everyone feel some steep competition between the three? Not complaining of course. The consumer I guess will benefit from this competition. But as we all know, there is more to things than just low prices. As the saying goes, Nasi Katok is not a balanced meal.

Seeing broadband is a new phenomenon is Brunei, as a consumer, how does one decide which is the best package, which is the best deal?

7 thoughts on “Brunei’s Blog of the Year

  1. Tim Noble, they come as a package everytime one subscribes to the newly launched Go! Broadband services in Brunei. I’m not sure how much it is exactly. 🙂 SORRY!

    It does look rather cool yeah??? drool!


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