Great weather outside!

Here today to post some random pictures from a few years back. Was just browsing through my Photo CDs and
found these great gems. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Bombe Alaska! I forgot I made this once. Spiky, crunchy meringue on the outside, covering a layer of sponge cake, and a ball of frozen ice-cream. Great treat to be consumed immediately after baking!

Hot stone reflexology at Tasek Lama. Caution to newbies: WALK SLOWLY.

Seafood pasta in savory tomato sauce from Manjaro. Delicious! One of my favorite dishes ever.

A little zen garden in the middle of the capital.

A comforting dish of ginger beef with spring onions from Traders Inn Cafe in Beribi.


7 thoughts on “Toasts!

  1. Miss Twinkle, will get right on it! 😛 Hahah.

    Nonnie, I’m too lazy to look for it! Hahaha.

    Resti, I know right, but like I said, WALK SLOWLY!

    Sha, believe me you’re invited! 😛


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