Don’t you dare!

Disini suka juga Beta mengingatkan, supaya semua pihak mempunyai rasa tanggungjawab untuk memelihara alam sekitar, menjadikannya menarik dan bersih, tidak terdapat sampah sarap yang berselerak, terutama di tempat-tempat membeli-belah, pasar-pasar, termasuk juga pasar tamu dan pasar tani.

– 2007’s National Day Titah by HM Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah MW.

I was reading through the Sultan’s National Day Titahs (RANDOM) right here on the extremely fast loading Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports website.

I would just like to add a piece of my mind on the issue. There is absolutely NOTHING, NOTHING that can justify the despicable action of public or non-public littering. Bearing in mind, especially in this day and age where everyone KNOWS of the disgusting effects of littering, how bad it is for the environment, how disgusting it makes our lives, and in this day and age where we are supposedly the most MODERN of all human races, possessing all the various technologies of rubbish bins!

Littering is a moronic and imbecilic act of defacing the Earth! And since the Earth is God’s, whenever you litter, you are defacing His creation! So don’t you dare!


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