I am not a noob

Gasp I’m online! Ok before I get disconnected I’m going to quickly copy and paste something I wrote earlier today.

I am so annoyed!

Lack of internet connection makes a grumpy blogger. For some of you who are just wondering why I’m still on E-Speed, what with the delicious deals offered by the other competiting service providers. Well, here it is. This is a sponsored and paid for line. End of story.

I find it sad that that’s the only reason why I haven’t migrated to the other ISPs.

So I’ve just called our customer care hotline. Now here is what I don’t understand about TelBru. They have done so much to the customer care hotline yes. I love the extremely polite people picking up on the other side. But really that is it, because the bottom line is, unless you are calling for the phone directory, they never answer your questions.


ME: Telipun kami ani blah blah blah nada dial tone blah blah but mun di telipun, blah blah, ringing. Mengapa ya tu ah?
OPERATOR: Oh ok, karang orang kami di pejabat mencheckkan.


ME: Berapa lama tu ah durang mencheck atu?
OPERATOR: Inda saya pasti tu ah nyanta, pasalnya durang di pejabat. (Is it just me or does she sound a bit bitchy?)


ME: Lapas mencheck di sana apa tah tu?
OPERATOR: Kalau ada apa-apa barutah kami menelipun biskita.
ME: Kalau nada papa? *thinks gayanya mun “nada papa” langui-langui ganya ku di rumah ani*
OPERATOR: Kita telipun lagi kemari check.
ME: Dalam berapa lama?
OPERATOR: Nda saya pasti tu jua ah, semuanya depends on PEJABAT. (She sounded pretty annoyed by this time)



They go to the default, “Our people are checking it now”. Now I’m not gonna comment on how the operators’ patience wears really thin easilly when I ask loads of questions. I cannot stand it when someone gives me obscure answers to questions which otherwise should be easy to give replies to. I don’t particularly appreciate it when someone speaks to me as if I don’t know anything.

Reminds me too much of, “jangan menyampuk kalau urang tua becakap”.

However, psychological problems aside, I’d just like to point out how the TelBru hotline has no help with troubleshooting what is wrong with my system/connection/phone line. Ultimately, when one calls in the hotline, one has a problem, which needs to be FIXED. Not talked about. We, as the customers, don’t have a need to “complain”, we have a need for the matter to be resolved. This is not suicide hotline, this is TelBru hotline! At the end of the day, we don’t care how efficiently you took down our details, WE JUST WANT IT FIXED.

Why is there no troubleshooting help on the hotline? First of all, if the problem is minor and can be fixed ourselves (e.g. oh I don’t know, frayed phone line), would it not be more economical (fuel costs, labour costs, etc) and less intrusive (coming into homes/E-Speed in girls’ rooms, etc) for them to ask “wayar telipun kita ok? cuba tukar sekajap sama wayar telipun yang lain”?
And is it not more logical to troubleshoot what the problem is first? If the problem is easy and we could fix ourselves, you can thus spend more time and energy on those people who actually need your technician’s expert services.

I want to understand. I need to understand!


Thank you for listening.

3 thoughts on “I am not a noob

  1. Same thing. The line just got passed here and there and lastly answered by clueless person.

    Tips, act bitchy and get all the names of the person you talk to. That helps, A LOT!


  2. yeah Mau, i got it sooooo too many of a time, either it’s unanswered or the response, very obscure. sometimes u just want to know the possible others that you can do to make it better. sometimes, people really neeeeedd their internet going!


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