The Miele Guide & Ultimate Chocolate

This post is specially dedicated to the following chocolate cake, which I enjoyed last night in the company of great friends, who I consider the coolest people I know! I can’t think of a greater blessing than having stayed friends with you guys for so long. Here is to us, and friends forever.

To those friends, out of the country, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you lot! Here is the video of the aforementioned chocolate cake, in the mean time. Hehe

In keeping with the food theme, I hereby introduce to the Bruneian public, THE MIELE GUIDE! It is the first, truly independent regional restaurant guide, once it gets published later this year.

The Miele Guide

“The Miele Guide will rank and profile restaurants across the region’s major cities, categorised by country, city and cuisine, in a slim, indispensable volume.”

So, I am calling fellow Bruneian foodies from Brunei to come to this website and VOTE for your favorite restaurants! Quite a few are listed but you only get to choose 3, which will eventually be featured on the final edit of the Miele Guide. Decisions decisions.

And wahey, here is the best part:

To thank you for your time and effort in voting, we are pleased to
offer you a special discount with every pre-order of The Miele Guide.
You also stand to win an all-expenses paid meal at the top ranked
restaurant in Singapore, Hong Kong or Tokyo
(upon registration, you’ll
be asked to choose the country/city you want to be eligible for), plus
a stay in one of Asia’s most luxurious hotels!

Now you need to have a Visa credit card/debit card to vote. Don’t worry, they only need the first 6 digits so I’m pretty sure there wont be sudden surprise charges on your credit card bill.

Exciting stuff! First time in this country I think. VOTE AWAY BRUNEIANS!

6 thoughts on “The Miele Guide & Ultimate Chocolate

  1. Tibadak, hahaha i chose JAPAN! mudahan tah dapat! AMIN YARABALALAMIN.

    Sha, it was heavenly. Muahahahah. The chocolates are beckoning to you woman!

    Tina, CHEEZBOX! heheheheh malas ku bagitau urg krg lakas tia habis nda ku ampit. bah bila! next week lah aku sibuk this week!


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