No, my life does not revolve around food

It might seem as if all I’ve been blogging about lately is FOOD, but really, my life doesn’t actually revolve around it. Food is life after all.





Well who am I kidding. Gah, I can’t help it! During the AUN Youth Summit, we had 6 meals a day. All decadent and consisting of rich foods.

T looking kinda groggy.

Breakfast (at 6.30am-7.45am): An hour long affair, the hotel really took that saying where breakfast is the most important meal of the day to heart. Needless to say, I usually skip breakfast in the morning to get some more makeupsleep time. By the end of the summit and everyone had gone home, some friends of mine (who shall remain unnamed) have been getting withdrawal symptoms of the daily breakfast spread. He keeps on expecting his mom to ask him how he wants his eggs in the morning.

This is a picture (cropped) & stolen from AJ’s collection. Well, part of it anyway.

Mid-morning tea (10am): The supposedly notorious hour where no government servant in Brunei is ever at the office. The spread during this meal is usually simple, but varies. One day it might consist of hors d’oevres, and on a nother day we might get some kuih and finger sandwiches, but always washed down with coffee or tea. On one occasion we even had bright red fried chicken! DELICIOUS though!

Lunch (12pm): A decadent spread of dishes laid buffet style (above you can see a typical lunch for us), always accompanied with rice, served only two hours after the last meal.

High tea (3pm): Personally my favorite meal-time because I usually feel rather peckish around this hour, and also I feel as though I can hardly wait for the day to end. Hehe. The spread is lighter than the mid-morning one, but also accompanied with coffee and tea.

Dinner (7.30pm): Another decadent spread like lunch laid in the same way, with the addition of a dessert table.

It suddenly dawned on me how I have never eaten rice everyday for one whole week straight! It was great at first but after a few days, for some reason, I started to crave for PASTA and POTATOES! One occasion, we actually had potatoes and as soon as I saw it, I exclaimed “OHHHHHHH POTATOESSSS!!!!!” rather too excitedly. A nearby lecturer who heard me laughed so hard and said, “don’t get too excited over potatoessss!!!!!”.

Embarassing. Anyway, so on the fourth day, my friends and I were adamant on eating something not from a buffet spread, and we came up with ambuyat! This decision may or may not inspire the subsequent ambuyat demonstration. So I guess that’s coming up next!

2 thoughts on “No, my life does not revolve around food

  1. Oh, God. Bruneians really know how to spend breaks, don’t they? When a friend and I were observing one of our Ministry’s IT system training, what I realized was, that was all we did: EAT!

    Mid-morning: eat. Lunch: eat. High-tea: eat.

    If the training days were extended to midnight, I’m sure we’d have some late dinners and midnight snacks!! Hahaha.


  2. Youre doing fine! Keep the food coming. Its yum-yum!… Anyway, Selamat Menyambut Hari Ulang Tahun ABDB ke 47. Memperkasa tunas bangsa memperkukuh pertahanan negara.


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