For felloe TESLers

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Calling all TESLers from my batch! What can be better than a freaking picnic on a MONDAY morning? I mean, ultimate indulgence! What Monday blues?

Let’s go. NO EXCUSE.

5 thoughts on “For felloe TESLers

  1. I probably should come but I am going to have to decline. Since I’m not leaving UBD the same time you guys are, this little affair excites me not as much as it used to. I just don’t feel like I should interfere, and let’s face it, things might get awkward… =|
    But you guys (and gals) have fun and good luck. Maybe I’ll see you all again when I’ve redeemed myself and can consider myself (with confidence) “TESL batch 2004” again.
    Note: This is not a self-pity message (hehe) – it was the only excuse I could think of.


  2. Mau, can we postpone this? 9th June is the day when Datin wants us to come in for a meeting!!

    BUT as things turn out, I can’t go to either this or that meeting because I’ve got another beach party to go to. Farewell party thrown by my students.


  3. Ches: Oh mannnnnn, I just checked my calendar and you’re right! THAT SUCKS! What time is your beach party and why is it on a Monday as well? Hehe. Oh but Ches, you’re coming for the afternoon session right? Datin wants us to write the report remember? Can’t afford to miss you as you’ve got the most comprehensive set of notes.


    Cha: Girl don’t be silly! You know you’re always welcome to our gatherings regardless of when you graduate. You’re not just a fellow TESLer, you’re a friend. Speaking of which I HAVENT SEEN YOU IN YONKS! Turns out we’re unable to make it to the gathering after all, as we have promised Datin Rosnah some work done. The fourth years missing yet again in another TESL gathering. Not surprising. 😦 But I do hope you’re doing well love!


  4. I just checked with Datin and she’s willing to reschedule the meeting to Tuesday the 10th. How does that suit you?

    That would mean both our beach parties would be on!!


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