Ok so I’m going to blog everyday

Yeap. I felt inspired after reading Shasha’s and Dee’s blogs. Specificaly their date tags. Ngah. I AM BLOGGING EVERYDAY.

But, I need a clean slate. See you next post.

3 thoughts on “Ok so I’m going to blog everyday

  1. i was wondering what you’d linked me for.. hahaha. takut ku. i only blog everyday cos i always have somethig to say and i’m forever in front of a computer at work!!

    but yes!! blog everyday! 😀 i’d like that. hehehe.


  2. Hahaha, is it strange that my initial reaction was similar to Shasha’s? I write too much about nothing substantial though (quality vs. quantity?).

    Good luck. 🙂


  3. ai nda kan takut! mun aku kambang ku kana link! heheeheh. attention whore. anyway, awu kan blog ku ni hari2! siuk bah kamu hari2 atu. hope i can! im trying to kick my malas habit.


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