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A week ago, I was emailed by a Miss Tina regarding this blog post I made a long time ago. In that email, one of her questions to me was,


However, she redirected me to me to Animal Shelter Brunei, a blog where fellow Bruneians can adopt homeless puppies and kittens, manned by her, and a Kirsteen.

“We do have an animal shelter where volunteers (like me) will take animals into our homes and care for them and then get them adopted”.

That is a selfless thing indeed!

After reading their whole archive, I gathered that basically what happens is that they go all over Brunei, or someplace particularly littered with strays, capture the dogs and then get them neutered and vaccinated in the government vet. This is more humane and ultimately better than poisoning the poor animals: which is what most Bruneians tend to do.

Kesian. With poison, it’s a painful death and they suffer in agony for days before finally giving up. Sometimes the poison is so strong it even stains the road they die on.

Kirsteen asserts that with this method of neutering, the canine population will be controlled and will eventually decrease in a few years time as the dogs die a natural death.

However, they need help! You may be thinking: how can I help? I am a Muslim and I can’t touch these dogs!

In the words of Tina:

We are always in need of donated goods..

  • Tinned food for cats n dogs.
  • Old towels
  • Blankets
  • Cat litter
  • Kitten formula
  • Bottles
  • Water bottles

So take a look down at Animal Shelter Brunei. Because they sure need all the help they can get! They’re not perfect but they sure as hell are doing something about the problem.

6 thoughts on “Tabula Rasa

  1. HEY!! hahaha i was gonna blog about this a couple of weeks back, but i was waiting for the opportunity to actually go and do something for animal shelter.. yeah.. i read the blogs and saw all the photos… and i’m so pleased this lady’s volunteered to set up the shelter.

    did you read about the wheelchair they gave that dog?!!

    ahhhh tugged at my heart strings!!



  2. as far as i know Maw, we can touch d dogs [because its considered emergency case for us to lift and carry the dogs to where it supposed to be, pyah jua kali ah kn stiap masa kn mlagau non-muslim in our neighbourhood] if it is in DRY condition. kalau d dogs atu basah, so wet in contact with our hand/skins..then we have to tayamum [any ustaz/ustazah correct me on this if i’m wrong].. we meant to touch them pun bukan nya kn membelai manja..hehe….


  3. Shasha: I know, definitely tug at the heartstringssss!!! Makes me wish I could adopt puppies. Do volunteer or donate! Or just spread the word to friends who u know are animal lovers and are looking for pets.

    She: REALLY? I’ve heard of this “dry” argument but I’ve never really thought about the mechanics of it. Thanks for making things clearer. I’ll keep it in mind if I ever come in contact with dogs. To me they’re just nice animals which are especially nice to see, but not able to hold! Heheh.


  4. hey guys..
    we are still desperate for helpers but more over we need for the locals and who ever to stop poisoning the dogs that we have recently de sexed!!
    what is the point of time effort and $$ being spent on this to try and control the dog population.. when so half whit comes along and poions the entire feeding station!
    this just means that a new problem starts up.. and more strays will take over the area, as then we have the same problem as the dogs have to be caught and spayed etc..

    BRUNEI NEEDS FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO WAKE UP AND GIVE PERMISSION FOR LAND TO BE DOBATED FOR AN ANIMAL SHELTER FOR REAL.. where we can have an on call vet, quarrantine areas, and secure areas to home dogs in the waiting time between capture and re homing.

    I have a stray living outside my home at the mo.. she is adorable and the most affectionate dog ive eve known.
    she needs and so deserves the right to love and food and water…
    she wont hurt a fly.. but i fear i will come out my place one day to find her dead.

    IF you get rid of all the dogs here, the cat and rat population will explode..
    then what!
    leptosporosis>>>?? thats what!
    dogs catch rats.. they help keep the population down.
    cats are chased by dogs but dogs dont usually kill cats..
    and they dont usually chase kids.. but will if provoked!!wouldnt you??

    get the word out there

    WE NEED AN ANIMAL SHELTER where people can volunteer…
    this would eradicate the stray problem by half in such a very short amount of time!


  5. theres no orphanage too. KACA, the centre for the disabled is in need of .. well, everything =S if one visits there and check out its facilities, stocks and so on.. you’ll know what i mean by ‘everything’


  6. yes an animals shelter would certainly solve the strays problem. It would also decrease the unemployment rate. Also, I think Brunei needs full time Rangers, like in America


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