Just like that

Yeah, just like that, I have officially joined the Tourism Industry in Brunei.

How will I fare? I guess time will tell.

Is this a goodbye to teaching? I don’t know yet, ask me again in a few months. The answer may be more certain by then.

13 thoughts on “Just like that

  1. That’s a twist: a number of my university friends studied engineering, business and what-have-you but ended up going into teaching. You’re taking the other route ;P


  2. let say its faith…. as for me i am trying to take another route jua ni…. *sasakkk* is there any chance? so far all my application rejected both government n private companies… im so much in love with tourism!!!!


  3. LSM: Well you know I’m never one to follow conventions. 😛 Hope this alternative route gives me great opportunities. 🙂

    She: sebenarnya banyak bah kerja, especially in the tourism industry, as i’ve found out. but u sanggup kan tu kerja for only a small fraction of the salary ure working for now? the rest paksa earn as commision. for me different lah sal, ive never ever merasa gaji beribu2 plus i have no commitments. but i tell u banyak lah sebenarnya kerja. just that some people inda mau gaji damit. 🙂

    Atul: AWU. Next Monday I start. LOL. I’m on the road to self-discovery as they say. Of course you’ll miss me! I’m such a gem 😛 masuk bakul angkatttttt sendiriiiiiii~~~


  4. Hey,

    this is newwww… well congratulations anyway… best of luck..

    ps: if ko mau apply credit card.. you know who too look.. (sorry cant resists… cari mkn also maaa)


  5. Interesting blog you have here. Congrats on your new job. Hope there will be better improvements coming up in our tourism industry because of you!


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