I had a really full day today!

As Boyfriend would say, “macamana you tahan tu kan bejalan atu“. Woke up at 8.30am, and went off to the office at 9.30 to send in my picture and a photocopy of my ID. They need it for my Airport pass, since I’ll be working there. Hehe. For the next few weeks if you see a pretty girl in the Airport, there’s a high chance that she’s not me! But look around and you’d see someone rolling her eyes in jealousy. Now, there’s a good chance that girl’s me. 😛

Anyway after that, drove over and hung out at Sister 1’s place for a few hours before a lunch date since she lives nearby and I was too lazy to drive home. Apparently she was home, and recovering from a tummy upset. Tsk tsk.

Had an extremely unhealthy breakfast there consisting of a manufactured instant dish which shall remain unnamed.

Then at 11.30am, went to accompany said sister to pick up nephew from a nearby school. While parking, I got SMSed by the Youth and Sports Department asking me to pick up a letter from the Ministry. I’ll talk about the letter in the next post. Hehe. That’s more great news. Anyway, so since my lunch date is at 12.30pm, I figured we had enough time to rush to the Ministry to get the letter and rush back.

So we did! But when we got there, we kinda dilly dallied a bit, ended up late and stuck in a traffic jam! Itu ini, itu ini, I finally made it to my 12.30pm lunch date at 1.15pm. Dear lord, I am so glad my good friend here is EXTREMELY patient to wait 45 minutes in heat (he waited outside the restaurant) and hunger! He said he wasn’t angry, which made me feel even more guilty! Hehe.

So yes, then we had a lovely lunch, despite the fact that I’ve just eaten less than 2 hours before that. Lunch and chatter dragged on till 3pm. Then Ches had to leave and P (girl from here) and I went to Hua Ho to get some toiletries.

Then by 3.45pm (we dilly dallied as per usual – she’s my ultimate partner in times of extreme frivolity), I had to go because at 4pm I have a swimming date with my girlfriends. So rushed to Jerudong and ended up being the first one to get there! Haha. A few minutes later the rest came and we swam merrilly. We left the place at about 6pm.

Then after that we went to A’s place and after a quick stop at Hua Ho Tanjong Bunut for some groceries, we ended up grilling chicken fillets and cooking simple tomato pasta for dinner. After all that “exercise” we were all famished! We had some caesar salad as well. YUM!

Oh and I drank too much milk (which was in my tea). Plus the cheese from the pasta, I now am wishing I am not lactose intolerant. Grr. *thinks* WHY am I lactose intolerant? I used to be able to chug down buckets of milk in one go. Hmm.

Anyway, then, we talked and karaoked till 11.45pm! Hahahahahahahaha! It’s amazing how none of us are suffering from sore throats!!!!!!!!

So now I’m home and sleepy. But not tired. I have a feeling I’d wake up mambang.

Will upload pictures to Facebook tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Replete!

  1. mambang is the feeling you get after a day of non stop cangkul-ing. and i am MILDLY lactose intolerant too. they say most asians are. yatah tu, dari damit biasakan bah. minum susu!


  2. suria: confirm!

    sham: awu, funny thing is, dulu inda! now senitip. especially with full cream milk. if skim, not so much so if makan cereal mesti kai atu. but even so, i can only drink a certain amount. eh malas ku kau ani inda tau apa erti mambang. urang yang jarang eksesais saja tau. HAHAH.

    sash: hahahaha menyangkul sama menbajak sawah (ploughing)! and esp. when you’re the kerbau. hahah.


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