So yes, I attended a make-up course on Friday. It was just basic really, nothing too over the top, and also quite inexpensive. It’s the first time for me as well since I am delusional and think that my self taught make-up techniques are perfect. SO, I came not really knowing what to expect.

It was held at a cool room in the Le Gallery Suites (which I think is fabulously designed by the way!), and starts roughly at about 6pm. Check out this cool light fixing.

I know! Isn’t it just fabulous?

Anyway, the make-up course was very comprehensive, including how-tos for proper skincare, hair styling and daily management, how to put on make up in 10 minutes, both for night and day.

Took some notes

Over the course of the whole session, I was showered with so many beauty tips! Hehehehehe. So because I’m nice, I’m sharing some with you. Well, one lah.

EXFOLIATE 3 times a week!

I’m not going to reveal the whole store obviously. Later everyone look prettier than me! πŸ˜›

Before make-up

(Photo removed by request due to privacy concerns πŸ™‚ )

There were demonstrations for night and day make-up techniques which concentrated on being practical, simple, fresh and chic, emphasizing on our best features.

The lady with the fast hands pictured above is Syahira, who masterminded the whole thing. She’s such a lovely lady! Made the whole thing very funny and entertaining.

After make-over

(Photo removed by request due to privacy concerns πŸ™‚ )

She looks fabulous! Hair was done in 10 minutes as well using a hair iron. Hair styling tips were shared by the ladies from Juraz Beauty Salon in Batu Bersurat. Do give them a visit because they’re sooooooo good! Them ladies are all bleached blonde and possess NOT EVEN ONE STRAND OF DRY HAIR. How is that even possible? Phew.

Some of the other ladies in attendance. Will be seeing you guys soon!

We’re quite the diverse set if I may say so myself. A couple of teachers, engineers, consultants, makeup artists, housewives, and three sisters! Hehehe. I won’t mention any names but look at the horribly taken photo below.

This particular lady had these brilliant nails! They look much better in real life I tell you!

The door gift.

Prize I won for answering the correct answer during the quiz.

We had dinner as well and as much as I like to blog about it, my eyes are already half closed. Will try to edit okay.

Omigod it’s a Monday.

In short, I loved the course. I love things like these. They offer me a chance for self-improvement and self-development. Yup yup.

MUST SLEEP. Vocabulary thin!


So apparently last night while in the middle of Sleep City and Land of the Alive and Well, I thought I published this post. Turns out I accidentally saved it as draft. Hahaha. Well, I did say I was sleepy! Sorry

11 thoughts on “Fabulousness!

  1. exfoliate three times a weeks?!? that’s quite a bit, isn’t it??? let us know when the next one is, ya? πŸ™‚


  2. Lizzie, will definitely let you know love!

    Tina & Dee: Yes that’s Diana Lee from Stella. πŸ™‚

    Jamie, ur fingers look fine but the picture is horribly blurry. I wouldn’t put it up except that it was really pretty! Hehe.


  3. Thanks…. I have changed another design and this time i had a nail ring.. Haha.. curious? did u went to the networking d other day on wednesday?


  4. Jamie, I didn’t! I had training at Pusat Belia as usual~ I guess u didn’t as well. πŸ˜› Send me a pic of the nail ring! hehe curious indeed!


  5. yea… I pun tak pergi.., Last minute ba… malas ku since i will be rushing home and come out lagi.. prefer slow and steady… haha.. will send you the pic karang. hehe


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