Yes, They’re Bruneian Models

Nad’s Collection Fashion Show featuring her modern baju kurongs. Nad is in the middle, with two of her designs on the left and right.

I rarely put pictures of myself camwhoring on the blog yes? So here’s one. Hehe.

I attended a private fashion show in Kiulap on Sunday. By private I simply mean, by invite only. Wahseh. OH! And she was there as the MC looking fab as usual.

I was actually curious as to what Bruneian models look like and how the fashion show will be carried out. During the hours before the fashion show started, Sister 1 and I were like, pretending and joking we’re Carrie Bradshaw going to a Dior fashion show. Hahaha, so we didn’t have too much in the way of expectations. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived that the atmosphere of hustle and bustle was actually LIKE a Dior fashion show!

Although not as flashy, there was a platform, there were the hair stylists and make-up artists of ambiguous sexuality looking fab, and making all the models look fab as well! There was upbeat music, photographers, members of the upper echelons of the Bruneian beau monde all looking over the top. Airkisses! Lights! Action!

Some of the more popular designs judging from the ooooh and ahhhs in the crowd.

My favorite is the one with the cream top with the kimono neck line. You can’t really see but that top is actually pinstriped. The chiffon brown kain compliments it very well. Plus I love simply designed fabric. I don’t like clutter.

Hehe. I’d definitely go to another one if I get invited again. It’s quite an interesting spectacle to witness.

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