Tourist Information Centre: Berakas International Airport

Also known as the TIC.

You heard it here first.

Proper post about it tomorrow. For now, minum dulu.


Oh speaking of tourists, Senor Pablo messaged me on Google Chat just a few hours ago asking if I work for Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources. To just nip this in the bud, the answer is no. I am in no way affiliated to any government entity aside from the ones in charge of SSEAYP (Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports) and I plan to stay that way for some time while I figure out a career path.

I am, however, proud to be affiliated with one of the biggest, most successful private companies in the Brunei tourism industry. 🙂 It’s your guess. I WISH I CAN JUST WRITE IT DOWN HERE!

Though maybe not for long. Someone just knocked with a much more enticing offer. Hehe.

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