Definitely on a hiatus

Usually when I announce that I am on a hiatus, I suddenly have the urge, time and faculties to blog. But this time I won’t be blogging. I hereby announce a HIATUS. I will be in Pusat Belia and some hutan (camping is in the agenda apparently) or something for a week-long Orientation session.

My phone will be switched off as we’re not allowed to bring, and aside from telepathy and other unconventional communication strategies, there is no way to make contact with me until after the 23rd August, and even then I will be facing the most hectic week of my life. So I’m not sure I’ll have time for ANYTHING.

God, I miss the Mall. Haha.

So I bid thee farewell for now, thank you for tuning in. I hope I get back with at least a tan and sparkly eyes, and not just a sore body and heavilly indebted in the sleep department. Hehe. Oh and of course IN ONE (smaller) PIECE.


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