For the first time ever!

Hello every one, I’m back in civilisation after an almost week long orientation. I have no words to describe it except that eventhough I was in an unshowered and mostly wet and sticky physical state 80% of the time, I had the time of my life!

The things we did were definitely not for the weak hearted. Camping alone in the jungle armed with only a glow stick, building strong rafts out of pipes and ropes in under 12 hours and making sure it didn’t fall apart while racing in the ocean, many many fire drills followed by bazookaing self into the swimming pool to simulate “cases of emergencies onboard ship”.


This orientation had just strengthened the theory that Maurina can fall asleep SOUNDLY pretty much anywhere, with or without sleeping bag!

…and I don’t like ants. They bite and leave marks. Hmmph!

9 thoughts on “Tanned!

  1. yes sure it was FUN maurina. experienced that in many scouting campings. teamwork n friendship has always been fun kan.. survival thingy tah lgi.. siukkkk eyyyy *heheh iski* coz i kno how u feels… baik jua ants sja.. mun places with leeches… :p


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