Snippets of the China-ASEAN Youth Arts Festival

Amidst the chaos and confusion, one of the memorable things in Guiyang, China happened on our last night there. We had just came back to the hotel after the Cultural Night’s performances, and hung out as per usual in Dr. A’s room (where all the junkfood lies waiting for their moment of doom). While lazing around, rolling up my jongsarat, and recalling the performances, we heard knocks on the door.

Apparently, the sweet Vietnamese delegates heard that it was our last night in China and all 11 of them actually came for a visit to exchange gifts and say goodbyes. We ended up singing, dancing and laughing like mad.

And at one point, we felt really inadequate because they can dance reaaaaaaaally well! And they were like asking us to teach them one Bruneian dance. I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GRATEFUL that I joined the SSEAYP program then. If not I would’ve felt even more inadequate! So I taught them a short Samalindang routine I learnt in the SSEAYP program. Not that I’m that good but you know. At least there’s something. Hehe.

“Okay, first you sit like a frog”, said Maurina.

Overall, they were such a lovely bunch of people. I do hope to meet them again one day. 🙂 For now here’s a video of a live performance by the Vietnamese delegates, featuring Dr. A and Chester. Haha. Presenting, “Nothing at All”.

2 thoughts on “Snippets of the China-ASEAN Youth Arts Festival

  1. Mau… all that synchronized waving is still surreal to me… ada special class kah drg ani yang sampai seragam banar all their movements…??


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