China-ASEAN Youth Arts Festival 2008: Obligatory Food Post

A food post before Ramadhan. 🙂

Do you remember once, I did a post on locally-grown organic rice? Our local rice generally have a distinct taste and a rather fibrous texture compared to the more widely consumed Beras Wangi or Thai Hom Mali rice. Now, in Guiyang, the rice tastes exactly like the locally grown rice which I found as a pleasant surprise.

My fooding experiences in Guiyang were unadventurous, to say the least, as we were basically confined to the buffet spread and the ice-cream selection from the “Convenient Store” in the same building as our on-campus hotel. However, my tastebuds were pleasantly surprised everyday with different kinds of food. The buffet is reminiscent of Rizqun-during-puasa type proportions, with more than 15 dishes each meal time. Of course, there were few little accidents with pork, beef and chicken, but the spread was mostly vegetarian, owing to the high concentration of Buddhist delegates in the group.

I regret taking not as many pictures of food for the blog but, the Guiyang cuisine, is almost similar to Szechuan, with an omnipresent hot chilli sauce served every meal time. Other ingredients that are also constant include, pumpkin, tofu, cucumber with soybean paste and eggplant. Fish and all forms of seafood is present but not widely served as Guiyang is mostly a mountainous area and seafood is scarce. But when present, they are usually fruits from the river, such as perch and other river fishes.

Pumpkin fries. These are really delicious. Of all the pumpkin dishes served, this was truly and really really my favorite. I could just eat this all day and never get bored. It’s never oily, despite being deep fried, even when it gets cold. I will always think of this dish each time I think of China.

Typical plate.

The Guiyang residents also have a very interesting way of eating. They usually pile their dish with many kinds of meat, vegetables and other dishes first, and only then will they take a small serving of rice. A SYSTEM WHICH I LOVE because I don’t eat that much rice anyway.

Watermelons were also present every mealtime, red, delicious and sweet, whether in slices or juice form. Apparently it was in season, which is why there seem to be an endless supply of it.

Like I said, I should’ve taken more pictures. We really did have a great experience with food despite being confined with the hotel’s buffet spread. I think a lot of thought went into the selection of what dishes to serve, because I really felt that the menu was unique and it did reflect the way people in Guiyang lived.

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