China-ASEAN Youth Arts Festival 2008: Guizhou University’s On-Campus Hotel

When we were in Guiyang, we mostly stayed at an on-campus hotel, which was kind of like a shabbier, no-elevator, version of The Holiday Lodge, minus the swimming pool.

Checking in.

It was the third hotel we stayed in while we were in China. We moved a lot! Hehe. It was by far the less fancy out of the three hotels, but I guess it was okay lah, comfortable and clean, and I get the whole room to myself, despite initially being assigned a room mate. It was actually a pleasant surprise because after hearing on-campus accommodation we pretty much expected the worst.

In fact, while discussing the prospects of the supposedly dreaded on campus accommodation, Chester actually said, “As long as there’s a fan, I’m fine”, which pretty much sums up how dreary we thought the future was. So yes, it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

See. It’s not all that bad. I even have my own shower and bathtub, albeit a rather disgusting looking shower curtain. And yes, yet again, I left my pants on the bed while taking the room photo. Need I reiterate that I was not running around bottomless but have changed into more comfortable shorts. On the bed was the programme and a booklet on Guizhou University.

Guess what university I am from:

University RUNNEL Darussalam! Hehehe. Major typo but no harm done because I have a complimentary fruit basket!

Oh speaking of which, see those green packets? Those are actually bags of tea. Anyway, best tea I’ve ever tasted EVER! Light yet fragrant at the same time. I don’t really know how to describe tea, but this was really really nice!

Delicious. See you in the next post!

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