China-ASEAN Youth Arts Festival: Activities we did

In no particular order.

We watched a theater performance called, “The Wind of Colorful Guizhou

Went on the Guizhou University Campus Tour and took obscene amounts of vain photos:

Did Jawi in a Chinese calligraphy class:

Met Confucius:

Did Taichi:

Attended lectures in Chinese (no translators) and took down notes even!

2 thoughts on “China-ASEAN Youth Arts Festival: Activities we did

  1. Mau. that taichi pic does not accurately represent my body size… Im not THAT fat…! You didnt caption the pic of the whole row of Thai delegates who slept through the lecture!! hehe


  2. Taichi pic caption: Eventhough we were all from the same country, we were united by one main thing: taichi gear of the same size.

    hahahahahah i thought the sleeping thais picture spoke for itself!


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