Baby, meet Pearl

It is here. THE NEW LAPTOP!

Yes. I have purchased an 8.9inch ASUS Eee PC 900! It was on steep discount during the Hari Raya Grand Sale in at BND$598 and since I needed an ultraportable laptop for travelling (almost broke my back carrying Baby Mac around in China), I got the pearly white Eee PC 900.

So far, it has proven to be very very difficult to type on (keys are SOOO small! – or my fingers are fat?) but other than that the machine is working as I’ve expected. Excellent! Hehe. I’m still trying to get used to the different user interface. I keep on finding myself pressing the F9 key to view all windows in tile mode. Hehe.

Anyway, if you think I’ve become a sellout and turned back from Mac to Windows after explicitly saying that I’d never do so, please don’t judge me as such yet! Because the the Eee PC is actually running on the Linux platform. So hey! I’ve kept my word.

Here’s a little review. I’ve been using Pearl for about 3 hours now, and aside from the obvious typing problem, I think that my second concern is trying to get used to the Linux interface. It’s still quite simple yes, but I guess it’s the fact that I’ve been using the Mac OS for close to 4 years now and it has grown on me. I think the Eee would be more accommodating for those migrating from Windows. But interface is obviously nothing I can’t learn and I’ve tried transferring photos and all the essentials. It’s different but definitely “not rocket science”, (like a certain UBD lecturer always say). Overall I think Pearl would be a very good traveling companion, and I’m a happy bunny. 🙂

Will update more on my Linux adventures. Hehe.

In the mean time, I’ll… try to lose weight on my fingers.

4 thoughts on “Baby, meet Pearl

  1. Adeh! Laptop baru tia dangan! share2 eh…bnyk dah jasa ur Mac lappy 2…mayb sama mcm ur handbag yg seumur dgn sepanjang u d UBD hehehehe…cheh! well did u heard news of SMSHU mac book newsssss? hehehehe C u…Mwah! Juicy lips


  2. Berlian: Hi babe! Awu eh, atu banar jasa berabis kali ah. Maseh ku pakai, ganya nda ku bawa jalan2 lah, kira iya jadi “mem basar” lah di rumah saja. Anyway awu ada ku dgr pasal the macs. Eeee gila, u remember kah siapa Ck A atu? Aku inda.

    Suria: SHR!!!!


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