Was chatting with friend AAM on Facebook chat and he was just saying that every night before he goes to bed, he cleans his room, so it’ll actually look presentable when he wakes up in the morning. What a really nice thing to do right? Organise room and thus organise life.

Then I looked around the sad array in this Pig Cave of mine: clothes all over the place, papers everywhere, cables and wires strewn here and there, suitcase still unoacked from China trip eons ago, dressing table full of makeup and opened bottles, and I think it is safe to say that it’s so damn messy that even my cats don’t feel like coming in anymore.

I can’t help but feel… sadly unfeminine. I come home everyday to sleep and what free time I have left is pretty much spent on resting, doing reports and paperwork. I also have this terrible habit of showering and getting dressed at the very last minute, and as a result is always in a perpetual rush to get somewhere. No time, no time!

So tonight, inspired by AAM and his compulsion to cleaning his room, I abandoned the paperwork for one night and tidied up my room.

That’s when I discovered, I ACTUALLY HAVE FLOORS! Visible to the naked eye! Yeay!

5 thoughts on “I HAVE FLOORS!

  1. Ches: well I have now!!!! Hahahaha. (And only because I need to pack for the Japan trip. LOL)

    xwormz: awu boleh sudah sembayang sana. HEHEHE. DI dalam dunia ani ada lantai.


  2. Mau & Ches, does that leave ME alone now who hasn’t unpacked from China??? let’s try Don and his cendol-coloured suitcase… i bet ia lagi awal sudah unpack… hmm i wanna see my floor too!


  3. As if! That boy prolly got his gelugut suitcase unpacked the minute he set foot in the house. Haha. August!!!! THE FLOOR IS THERE! U must salvage it’s visibility!


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