PACKING again!

I have never packed for a 52 day trip!!!!

It is not possible!

Any packing tips?

8 thoughts on “PACKING again!

  1. Just think– if you were moving somewhere else for almost two months, what essentials would you need to bring?

    Laundry detergent springs to mind.


  2. hehe when I had to sleep over at a friend’s for a few days, I brought my whole room..

    ..not really helping, aren’t I? heheh.. I suck at packing, I normally just bring all the useless things and forget the necessities..


    MAU I MISS YOU! haha


  3. A bunch of clothes with at least 52 possible permutations. I dunno, maybe 12 tops, 2 pairs of jeans, 3 skirts. Choice of shoes/handbag should be neutral to match all permutations.

    Camera, writing/blogging items. Most of your time will be spent with other people, so try not to bring “just in case” stuff and books for leisurely reading.

    Essentials – toiletries. Maybe arrange with fellow participants to share the share-ables. Given that everyone’s not picky with the choice of shampoo, it’s better if one person brings a big bottle for everyone to share than a lot of people bringing their own.

    Go minimal, basically. Because usually 80% of what we use often only accounts for 20% of what we bring.


  4. I laughed at this post. It does seem impossible when you put it that way. Yet people manage to fly across continents with only two suitcases (with some hand luggage) for the year. It suppose it’s all about essentials and non-essentials. 🙂 Would have been interesting to see your final luggage haha!


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