Hi everyone, here’s a quick little update from the hustling and bustling city of Tokyo.

First of all, it’s my Convocation today and I’ll be missing it. It’s a bit sad. And I feel sad that I’m sad in Tokyo, but it’s okay. I guess it’s ironic that graduate di Brunei pulang my parents inda dapat datang. To all friend, and especially to TESL 2004-2008, congratulations!!!!!!! I love you guys to the ends of the earth and please overindulge/enjoy on behalf of me.

Anyway, back to Tokyo, I apologise that I haven’t had much access to the Internet because my schedule is so packed! So I haven’t been doing any email replying and such. Please know that I am fine and in good health, having the time of my life! I just had my homestay in Fukushima prefecture a few days ago, and I climbed Mt _______ (I forgot the name. Will update). My foster parents was the Sakamoto family and they were lovely.

I also am having trouble trying to get over the “auto-butt-wash” when I poop.

It’s so cool. Hehehe

Anyway, we’re going to Yokohama port at 11am, and checking out of Sheraton Miyako at 9am. haven’t showered so I’m gonna shower like fast. Heheh. Bye sexy!

Oh and here’s a picture of us trying to get to Shibuya, figuring out the train routes.

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