Just a little pat on the back

You know how sometimes when someone says something to you, they blurt out nuggets of wisdom, and you keep on replaying it over and over in your head? Well maybe it’s just me. Whether it’s a word or a phrase, sometimes when I like something I replay it over and over in my head.

My friend, A, is a guy who works somewhere that has to do with providing relief for flood victims. So as you can imagine, I haven’t seen him around for a very long time. Yesterday, he had a bit of free time, so he texted a group of my friends and me, out of the blue, for lunch. I said yes.

Over lunch, my friends were talking about loads of stuff, and making a big racket as usual. And things started to get gossipy. A was very lost and apologised because we had to keep on explaining things to him. Then he said something that I’ve been replaying over and over in my head,

“Oh sorry girls and boys, I am really out of the loop these past few days. All I think about is mattresses, pillows and food, and NDMC reports..”

I reminded me that hey, it’s been a very rough week for us all, and I can’t even begin to imagine, with myself living somewhere high, and dry, what it would feel to have the entire first floor of my house submerged in water. Let alone having a source of my livelihood drowned and destroyed in the rain.

We, hope however, with people like A working crazy overtime, it may provide some sort of relief to your misfortune. It’s all in God’s will.

So A, and all those working their asses off out there, especially the Fire & Rescue Team from all over Brunei, you are heroes, and I mean this in the most sincere way possible, there is only God, who will ever be able to repay your dedication and kindness.

Even if it is only, “mattress, pillows and food”.

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