Where else can you find a miniature gas station?

And so after only one text and a promise that we’d be back before dark, we did went to KB, bringing our friend from Manila. With yummy dried mangoes as reward.

I’ve seen real changes since the last time I went on a drive to KB. Most notably the developments of SPARK (Sungai Liang Industrial Park). Wow, some people probably became millionaires overnight with that project! I wonder if any new companies took advantage. It was so large scale and magnificent and for a moment, I was looking at it and it didn’t feel like I was in Brunei. I am very much looking forward to its completion.

On our way home, there is a massive traffic jam! I had to cancel my class at night because of it but the weird thing was… I really didn’t see any particular reason for the jam. Was it the bottleneck? And does that mean EVERYONE in KB-Bandar commute has to go through this traffic jam every day?

Wow. Be nice on road everyone!

5 thoughts on “Where else can you find a miniature gas station?

  1. yeap its part of the little KB miniature park in OGDC. They also have the police station, the mosque, the billionth barrel monument. heheheh and many more! very very cute! but this one is my favorite.


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