Brunei Silver Jubillee National Day

25 is a big number.

While 20, a coccoon appears to reveal a beautiful butterfly.

21 would have been the first real taste of responsibility.

22 would see one starting to get used to this freedom.

23 is a year of difficult doubts and decisions.

24 is a year of ups and downs and of trial and error.

Finally 25 shows a different, stronger, and more confident individual.

Travelling, meeting people, learning new things about our culture, I am at a point where I have never been as patriotic, and choked with love of the country as I have ever been in any other point of my life.

But on this day, I don’t rejoice. I feel strangely terrified.

This nation had seen difficult times, and that difficult time has not passed. Perhaps, it was only a taste of what is to come. A warning for the generation that have not seen what freedom was like before 1984.

I was in Kiulap one day, and one poster never left my mind. The sunset featured on the National Day poster is like a symbol. We are entering night. It will get darker and darker. Perhaps there will be a full moon lighting, and leading our way. But it will be a very long time before we reach dawn.

What will my generation be faced with? I am terrified. We must pray for that light from the moon. Because when I think of the light of that moon, I am hopeful. Just like when I see and picture shelter under that golden umbrella, I am hopeful.

In the midst of music and dance, celebrations and jubilations, what really are we celebrating? A number. Focus our attention to the sunset, and the impending darkness, and please celebrate what our freedom has enabled us to receive.

Free high quality education, nearly free high quality healthcare, a high standard of living, and freedom to achieve dreams that our forefathers have never even dreamed of.

If darkness is to come, pray for a bright, shiny, beacon of hope, that is the moon. When we are hopeful, we are not afraid.

Untuk Brunei ku tercinta, selamat menyambut hari kebangsaan yang ke dua puluh lima.


  1. HohOho !!
    maurina!! i saw u tadi.. p tym banjir ah!! d Jerudong..ahakss
    sampat g ambik pix ahh… hohoh
    from ur x classmate TuitIon ^_^



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