Flash Floods are back!

Perhaps it’s our first test as a dewasa or adult. But hey, just when we thought it’s safe to send our cars for $25 car washes, the flash floods are back with a vengeance! On the radio, I heard DJ Izan informing us of flash floods caused by non-stop rain in the usual areas of Jangsak, Beribi, Sengkurong and Jerudong.

I was stuck in Jerudong. A lot of cars had to stop because the water was deep and that immediately caused a massive traffic jam along Jalan Jerudong.

We parked on the side, near the Jerudong sub-station while waiting for the road to become more drivable. Tried to take pictures from the car but all was blurry and boring, so chit-chated with Boipren instead.

Suddenly, lo and behold! The rain died down a bit, and so did the thunder and lightning! I felt the sudden need to go out and take pictures. So armed with a plastic poncho I always keep in my handbag, and my little trusty Sony, I braved the cold and took pictures.

An accident happened on one side of the road when we were parked on the side. Didn’t really see it happen as my eyesight is quite bad. But the car looks awful, hope the driver and its passengers are alright!

Some Bruneians decide to become helpful and volunteered to become nice and smiley traffic police. I think many women drivers were more assured with them giving moral support heheh.

“Ok ni, pelahan lahan saja drive di siring sebalah kanan ahhh…”

This car must not want to have its picture taken. I was almost drenched with pelacahan water when he drove past. :/ Or maybe he needed to go to the toilet.

Even boats had to go slow in water. 🙂

After the water level went down, with the guidance of the “Citizens on Patrol”, the traffic flowed again. Bravo!

To those who were stuck in the jam, thank you for the smiles when you drove pass me and my camera! Even in times of adversity, a lot of Bruneians stayed in good humor. And that makes me very happy.


4 thoughts on “Flash Floods are back!

  1. After nine years in Brunei, I got used to the flash flooding. Almost.

    One December I was throwing an Xmas party and most of the guests got caught up in the flooding.

    One, a long time Singaporean doctor (I believe he’s still in Bandar), had his beautiful car totally submerged.

    But the real shame was that they were bringing extra dishes to eat off and another maid to help clean up after!

    For hours my friends arrived throughout the night, dragging in like wet dogs.

    But it was all great fun in the end. Everyone got dried off, fed and watered and we cheered in yet another Xmas Eve in Brunei.


  2. all is well when it ends well! the only people who’d ever get used to flash flooding is in Tanjung Maya because they get flooded twice a year. Hehe. There are a lot of anti-flash flood architecture there if you are so compelled to visit!


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