Earth Hour 2009

Before I left for work, I switched off all lights at home and prayed no one will break into the house.

While I was away at work, my bestfriends organised their own blackout party, and voted for earth.

I wonder if the world is any different now, post-earth hour.

5 thoughts on “Earth Hour 2009

  1. No disrespect to Earth Hour but Brunei had its own ‘Earth Hour’ for 4 consecutive days in February, pushing everybody’s patience to full throttle, I guess we should evaluate this Earth Hour meticulously before jumping into the wagon, again, no disrespect.


  2. what i dont understand is why u are comparing a natural disaster caused accident (which is what the February Blackout is all about) with a voluntary activity to raise awareness on energy usage. doesn’t make any sense.


  3. On a platform of superficial mind. We want to create awareness, make aware of the domestic shortcomings. Not all voluntary activity are beneficial or worth to be addressed. Why doesn’t the US adhere to the Kyoto protocol? Even first world country has their own doubts. We compare on the secondary effect of things notably on the frustrations of the mass. Do we think Earth Hour had its impact here in Brunei, sadly no, because we fail to address the mass grievances. Earth Hour, while a noble cause yet a lot of flaws. (Sesuatu yang berjaya memerlukan sokongan daripada orang ramai, bukan daripada sekelompok).


  4. I´m fine if you would like to think so, but like I said, I was just amused to how u compared Earth Hour, which is voluntary and done for a cause…. to an accidental blackout caused by a violent natural disaster.

    how come so mny major cities in the US are participating Earth Hour? Perhaps to push for Kyoto. To push for change.

    but then again, you´re the smart one. 🙂


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