Monroe’s Brownies

A few days ago I placed an order for a batch of brownies through Facebook. On Saturday, at a clandestine brownie pickup location very much reminiscent of Niagara Falls, I finally had my hands on these deep brown babies.

In the car I sneaked a peek into the box. As promised, crackly crust. I was satisfied, I knew this was going to taste awesome. I put the box, filled with the still warm brownies, in the passenger seat of my car and rushed off to work.

After work, me and my bestfriends had organised a secret getaway and I brought the brownies as an offering. I counted. Gone in 30 minutes. I was right, they were awesome and scrumptiously fudgey! And though Miss Syazwana warned me that they’d be sweet (she included a disclaimer for “sweet pee”), I didn’t think so. I’m really happy to report that they were just right. Yum, in fact. I only wished I had some creamy milk to wash it down with.

So here I am highly recommending the Monroe brownies to everyone. If you are interested (model not included), do click here for more information. 🙂 She only bakes limited amounts and only on Saturdays, so book early!

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