Ahad’s Burger: Homemade Since 1982

After all the hype of Ahad’s home made beef and chicken burger patties, I knew I had to have a try. He was in UBD for a bazaar and Ches & I strolled over to the Central Lecture Theatre for a taste of this so-called Ahad’s Burger.

It didn’t take us long to find. There they were, with that huge bright yellow banner. The founder of Ahad’s Burger, Mr Ahad, was there flipping the square beef patties. As I watched from a distance, I was enamored by the square beef patties. They just made sense; less wastage during production and easier to fold into eggy envelopes during cooking. I can’t help but think.. what a great idea!

I placed an order for maximum indulgence Beef Burger with Cheese & Egg (extra vegetables). Chester was full. 😛

I watched while my burger was prepared. Maybe a little oily, but no butter or margarine was used. He used vegetable oil. Mr Ahad was very friendly, twinkling and obviously enjoying what he does, indulging me and my questions.

I can smell as the square beef patties hit the pan and sizzled, that they were made of lean meat. Cracked open one egg then wrapped the patty in it.

I started making burgers for his family, but then it eventually became a business. We’ve been making the burgers for a long time, since 1982. This boy here is my son, and that one there is my nephew. They’ve been helping me out.

It is then placed inside a warm toasted sesame burger bun, topped with a slice of cheese.

We have a semi-restaurant gerai in KB, at the Simpur-shaped building, he said. They also make noodles of various kinds, ayam penyet, and many other kinds of food, but his top best selling item remained the burgers.

Then it is given the obligatory spoonful of mayonaise and finally squirted with an dark amber coloured liquid they claim is their secret sauce.

No preservatives. And our secret sauce is also home-made and hand carried all the way from KB. It’s what makes our burgers special. Please enjoy, he said.

My first bite into the warm beefyness was yum. I savored the secret sauce, which tasted smoky, rich and reminiscent of barbecue sauce and complimented the egg and beef. The lean meat beef patty is a little smaller than what I would like it to be, I wouldn’t mind paying more for a bigger patty, because it tasted very good. I’m sad to report that despite the extra vegetables, the Ahad’s Burger is still lacking in the fibre department.

And hmmm, did I order cheese? I didn’t taste any in the bun.

But all in all, uniquely yum! Wouldn’t mind having another. Maybe next time I’ll try chicken. 🙂

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