ULTIMATE Foodie Bloggers’ Challenge

I am so excited about this! In a nutshell, basically we all have this flashmob on the 26th April, 2009, at Pablo’s house bringing dishes whose recipes we’re willing to share. Then the recipes will be compiled into a recipe book and sent to the printers.

The recipe book will be sold during the Special Olympics Carnival on the 3rd May, 2009, and best thing about this event, ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO SPECIAL OLYMPICS! Isn’t that awesome!? Why not join for a good cause?

Can’t wait! For more information please go here.

6 thoughts on “ULTIMATE Foodie Bloggers’ Challenge

  1. heheh I’m excited about this too..

    but not on bringing my own recipe.. HAHHA cooking is so not my forte…

    I’m excited about tring the food! 😀


    oh and Mau.. Special Olympics Carnival.. What does it take to give a helping hand?


  2. I’m still thinking if I’m going to go or not.. Because, to be honest with you, I’m on a strict diet (prescribed by a dietitian), and I don’t know what dish I’m going to make because I’m no cook. So.. I’ll have to say a ‘maybe’ on this one, Dang.

    Maybe I’ll just go and not eat. You know, just meet up with friends. Then again, it says “NO DIET!”, haha.


  3. SERENE! Certainly love, will reserve you a copy no worries 🙂 Thank you for your support fellow foodie. 😉

    Tina, bah ehh takutb ku kau ani, baik kau bali 2 buku instead. 😛


  4. I emailed Azian, but.. have not “edited” my recipe yet…
    Grrrrrr… Queen of procrastinate.

    I’m gonna make the rose sandwich, hope got people give face and layan lah


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