Get your hands on the Ultimate Foodie Bloggers’ Recipe Book

My darling Silky Smooth Chocolate Pudding with Hazelnuts and Fresh Strawberries on top!

Now really, I don’t need to talk about how amazingly fun that afternoon in Casa Esperanza was. Or how awesome it was meeting these foodies so passionate about making kitchen creations. Or do I even need to mention how ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS every single dish was there!

You’ve salivated over the pictures from Pablo. You’ve drooled over those on AnakBrunei. Heck we even made it to Ranoadidas! We’re everywhere!

Now it’s your turn to show your selflessness. It’s your turn to turn passion into charity. Come to the Special Olympics Carnival on Sunday, 3rd May and purchase a copy of the Foodie Bloggers’ Recipe Book.

The recipes are soooooooooooooooooooo delicious and so easy to follow! I’m really just gonna say itout here: get a copy quick! Because, babe, we have already bookings piling up.

Makes me all warm inside to know…. all proceeds will go to charity.

Find out more about the Walkathon and Bazaar at Facebook event here.

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